Clan Gardyne

Clan Gardyne

Clan Gardyne or Clan Garden is an armigerous lowland Scottish Clan from Angus.[1]

Arms of Garden of that Ilk, last chief of Clan Gardyne.
Gardyne Castle, ancient seat of the Garden of that Ilk

The chiefly family of Garden or Gardyne of that Ilk are a very ancient family, who were proprietors in Angus from a remote period, and are first recorded in the locality of the Kirkdon of Angus in 1008 when they are called De Garthuen. The family were based around Gardyne Castle and were considerable landowners in Angus up until the 17th century when much of their landholding was confiscated.


13th century

First referred to, as the Gardyne of that Ilk, in the Ragman Roll of 1296 the clan was centred on Gardyne Castle and their lands of Cononsyth, Lawton and Middleton in the county of Angus.

Feud with the Guthrie of Guthrie that Ilk

The family had embarked on a long and bloody feud with their neighbors the Clan Guthrie of Guthrie Castle situated 2 miles from Gardyne Castle. The feud started in 1558 when Patrick Gardyne of Gardyne stabbed to death his cousin Alexander Guthrie of Guthrie in a fight which precipitated 80 years of fighting and litigation. At times the two families caused considerable disturbance to the King’s peace as their retainers fought pitched battles in the locality. The feud was finally brought to an end when William Guthrie of Guthrie killed Patrick Gardyne 9th Gardyne of that Ilk and his brother as they crossed Inverpeffer Moor.

King James VI of Scotland decided that the feud had got out of control and confiscated the lands and castles of both families as a consequence of their private war. The Guthrie family bought Guthrie castle back, however the Gardynes moved 1 mile east of Gardyne to lands they owed around Middleton and Lawton.

18th Century

The Gardynes were strong Jacobites with the head of the family David Gardyne of Middleton out in 1715. Gardyne had married Anne Graham daughter of David Graham 10th laird of Fintry Castle who was also a noted Jacobite. Anne and David Gardyne's eldest son the Master of Gardyne raised a troop to fight in the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, after which he was forced into exile, where in 1749 he died in poverty in Nieuport Flanders. Their daughter Clementina married the Jacobite James Graham 6th Viscount Dundee in the Jacobite peerage, who also died in exile after the rebellion.

David and Anne's second son James inherited the family estates and with his wife Mary Wallace he had 3 sons and 7 daughters. None of the three sons left any legitimate heirs and his eldest daughter married Captain James Bruce and founded the Bruce-Gardyne family, the second daughter married Thomas Carnegy and founded the Carnegy-Gardyne family and the third daughter Clemintina married Charles Greenhill and founded the Greenhill-Gardyne family.

Founding of Friockheim

The birth of the village of Friockheim took place soon after 1814 when Thomas Gardyne of Middleton succeeded his brother as the laird of the lands of Friock and feued them to Mr. John Anderson, of Arbroath, who built a flax spinning mill and as proprietor-in-feu attracted many textile workers to come and settle on easy terms in what was at first known as Friock feus.[1]

In the 19th century the family purchased Finavon Castle which had been owned previously by their Lindsay ancestors.

The Current head of the family is Charles Bruce-Gardyne 14th Laird of Middleton , and son of Captain Evan Bruce-Gardyne the 13th Laird. Charles Bruce-Gardyne was born 15 Feb 1927 and he is a member of the Royal Company of Archers and a member of the Sovereign's Bodyguard in Scotland. He married Dorothy Margaret Blair-Imrie, daughter of Lt.-Col. Hew Angus Christopher Blair-Imrie killed in action, on 16 April 196l. Charles Bruce-Gardyne's son Hugh is married to Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne

People with this surname include:

  • Patrick Gardyne of that Ilk of Gardyne Castle, Angus, Scotland.
  • John Gardyne of Lawton and Middleton MP for Angus, Scotland. 1667
  • Thomas Gardyne of Middleton, a Scottish landowner founder of Friockheim, Angus, Scotland.
  • Major William Bruce-Gardyne Laird of Middleton, Angus, Scotland.
  • David Greenhill Gardyne (1796-1867) of Craignathro, Angus, Scotland. Baron of Findhaven. Member of the East India Company's Civil Service. Changed his name from Greenhill to Greenhill Gardyne upon inheritance of baronage.
  • Captain Evan Bruce-Gardyne DSO Laird Of Middleton, Angus, Scotland Naval Captain and Scottish Landowner.
  • Lieutenant Ian Bruce-Gardyne MC Scottish Soldier and Sudanese Imperial administrator.
  • Alfred Gardyne de Chastelain Scottish businessman, soldier and spy.
  • John Bruce-Gardyne Baron Bruce-Gardyne of the Kirkden of Angus,Conservative MP for Angus, Scotland
  • Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne Writer, entrepreneur and cookery expert.

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  • The name has been spelled sometimes as Garden.[1]


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