Clan Udny

Clan Udny

Clan Udny is a Scottish armigerous clan from Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Arms for Udny of the Ilk have been recorded on three occasions in the Lyon Register[1]; 1672-7, 1748–51 and 1789.

The family Udny of Udny possessed the barony of Udny in Aberdeenshire for several generations prior to 1875. The name has been spelled sometimes as Widney and Uldney.[2]

Native Scottish folk singer Jock Duncan has this to say about the pronunciation of Udny, which is also the title of a song about the Aberdeenshire town of Udny on his CD “Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!”: “I’ve heard many versions o it - an tunes an aa, fen I wis young. Widney wis the pronunciation. Never naebody heard o Udny: ‘It’s Widney boy - are ye gaun doun tae Widney the nicht?’”


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