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Depiction of harvest in the August calendar page of the Queen Mary Psalter (fol. 78v), ca. 1310.

August is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and one of seven months with a length of 31 days.[1]

This month was originally named Sextilis in Latin, because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, when March was the first month of the year. About 700 BC it became the eighth month when January and February were added to the year before March by King Numa Pompilius, who also gave it 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian calendar in 45 BC giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Augustus, who did not take a day from February (see the debunked theory on month lengths). According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.[2]

In the Southern Hemisphere, August is the seasonal equivalent of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

In common years no other month starts on the same day of the week as August, though in leap years February starts on the same day. August ends on the same day of the week as November every year.


Other names

  • In Afrikaans, the month is called Augustus
  • In Albanian, the month is called Gusht
  • In Arabic, the month is called أغسطس ʾUġusṭuṣ or آب ʾĀb; usage varies from place to place and person to person.
  • In Azerbaijani, the month is called Avqust.
  • In Basque, the month is called Abuztua.
  • In Bosnian, the month is called August, Avgust, Kolovoz.
  • In Bulgarian, the month is known as Август
  • In Catalan, the month is called agost from the Latin Augustus.
  • In Chinese, the month is known as 八月 meaning, simply, "eighth month."
  • In Croatian, the month is called Kolovoz
  • In Czech, the month is called srpen
  • In Danish the month is called August
  • In Dhivehi, the month is called Augastu
  • In Dutch the month is called augustus
  • In Estonian the month is called august
  • In Filipino, the month is called agosto, from a Spanish origin
  • In Finnish, the month is called elokuu, meaning "harvest month"
  • In French, the month is called août (pronounced "OOT" or just "OO") derived from the Latin augustus.
  • In Galician, the month is called Agosto.
  • In Georgian, the month is called Agvist'os
  • In German, the month is called August (August')
  • In Greek, the month is called Avgoustos (Αύγουστος')
  • In Hebrew, the month is called Ogust or Av (אב) - the parallel month in the Jewish calendar.
  • In Hungarian, the month is called augusztus
  • In Icelandic, the month is called Ágúst.
  • In Indonesian, the month is known as Agustus
  • In Irish, August is known as Lúnasa, a modern rendition of Lughnasadh, from the god Lugh.
  • In Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, the month is called agosto from the Latin Augustus.
  • In Japanese, the month is called hachigatsu (八月), meaning, simply, "eighth month". In classical Japanese the name is 葉月 Meaning, "month of leaves".
  • In Korean, the month is called parwol (팔월, 八月) meaning, simply, "eighth month."
  • In Latvian, the month is called augusts
  • In Lithuanian, the month is called rugpjūtis
  • In Malay, the month is known as Ogos
  • In Maltese,the month is called Awissu
  • In Persian, the month is called اوت و آگوست (ut, also Agust)
  • In Polish, the month is called sierpień, meaning "[month of the] sickle".
  • In Romanian, the month is called august
  • In Russian, the month is called avgust (авгуcт)
  • In Samoan, the month is called aukuso
  • In Serbian the month is called avgust (авгуcт)
  • In Sinhalese the month is called අගෝස්තු "agostu"
  • In Slovenian, the month is called Avgust.
  • In Spanish, the month is called agosto
  • In Swahili, the month is called Agosti.
  • In Swedish, the month is named augusti, literally plural of the Latin augustus – "the venerable".
  • In Thai, the month is called สิงหาคม Sing-ha-kom representing the Singha (lion)
  • In Turkish, the month is called Ağustos
  • In Ukrainian, the month is called Серпень
  • In Vietnamese, the month is called Thang Tam (Or simply called the 'Eighth Month')
  • In Welsh, the month is called Awst

Events in August

August, from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry showing a group of travelers and the Duc's Château d'Étampes in the background

Monthlong events in August

  • Edinburgh Festival is an internationally famous arts festival that takes place during August
  • National Immunization Awareness Month
  • National Psoriasis Awareness Month
  • National Water Quality Month
  • In many European countries, August is the holiday month for most workers
  • The Philippines celebrates August as the "Month of Philippine Languages"
  • In the United States, August is National Back to School month. Some US School districts and systems return to school in August.
  • In the United States, August is National Goat Cheese Month.[3]
  • American Adventures Month
  • Audio Appreciation Month
  • Black Business Month
  • Cataract Awareness Month
  • Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
  • Children's Vision and Learning Month
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • Neurosurgery Outreach Month
  • Panini Month
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
  • What Will Be Your Legacy Month
  • Win with Civility Month[4]

Weeklong events in August

Other August events

Daily events in August

  • The Philippines celebrates National Heroes Day in commemoration of the First Cry of the Philippine Revolution on August 23, 1896.

Islamic Holidays

August symbols

August's birthstone is the peridot or onyx. Its birth flower is the gladiolus or poppy, meaning beauty, strength of character, love, marriage and family.[5]


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