Av may mean:
* Av, a month in the Hebrew calendar
* Av is a common abbreviation for aperture priority on a camera mode dial.

aV may mean:
*attovolt, an SI unit of electromotive force

av may mean:
*Avar language; ISO 639-1 code for this language

AV may mean:
*Access violation in software
*Adult video, see Pornography or Pornographic film
*AltaVista, a search engine
*Alterac Valley, a player versus player instance dungeon in the MMORPG "World of Warcraft"
*The Alternative Vote, another name for instant-runoff voting
*America Votes
*Angela Via, a singer
*Anguilla (FIPS 10-4 code and obsolete NATO digram)
*Annular velocity, in Fluid dynamics
*Antelope Valley, a desert region of northern Los Angeles County, California, in the US
*Anti-virus, see Anti-virus software
*Apparent viscosity, in Fluid dynamics
*Approval voting
*Arcade Volleyball, an MS-DOS video game
*Artificial vagina, a sex-toy
*Assessed value
*atrioventricular or arteriovenousin medicine, either
*Audio-visual, see also Video
*Authorised Version or King James Version of the Bible
*Avatar (computing), an icon representing an Internet use
*Avaya, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange with symbol "AV"
*Avenue, see Road (Ave. is more frequent)
*Avianca; AV is the IATA code for this airline
*Aviation, a military acronym or shorter version
*"The A.V. Club", the entertainment section of "The Onion".
*Gold, in the field of numismatics (from the Latin spelling of Aurum, Avrvm)

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