Odense Municipality

Odense Municipality
Odense municipality (Odense Kommune)
Municipalities of Denmark
Odense City Hall
Country Denmark
Region Region of Southern Denmark
Seat Odense
 - coordinates 55°23′45.48″N 10°23′18.73″E / 55.3959667°N 10.3885361°E / 55.3959667; 10.3885361
Highest point
 - elevation 123 m (404 ft)
Area 304.34 km2 (118 sq mi)
Population 190,245 (2011)
Density 625.11 / km2 (1,619 / sq mi)
First documented 988
 - City charter 1355
 - Current municipality April 1, 1970
Mayor Anker Boye (Social Democrats)
Timezone CET (UTC1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC2)
Website: www.odense.dk

Odense Municipality, (Danish: Odense Kommune) is a Danish municipality (kommune) in Region of Southern Denmark on the island of Funen in central Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 304 km2 (117 sq mi), and has a total population of 190,245 (2011). It is the most populated municipality in Region of Southern Denmark.

Odense's mayor is Anker Boye, representing the Social Democrats (since 1 January 2010).



The main town and the site of its municipal council is the city of Odense. Including the social sector, 17,000 people are employed by the municipality. The municipal budget is 6,881 million DKK (2006). The municipality runs 37 schools. Odense is also the home of 13 private schools.

Neighboring municipalities are Kerteminde to the east, Faaborg-Midtfyn to the south, Assens to the west, and Nordfyn to the north.

The municipality is connected with all points on the island with an extensive system of roads, including the major E20 Funish Motorway (Fynske Motorvej) which runs across the island through the town of Odense and connect the island on the east to the island of Zealand over the Great Belt Bridge and on the west to the Danish mainland, Jutland over the Little Belt Bridge. A motorway built 2006-2009 connects Odense to the island's second-largest city, Svendborg, which also has a railroad connection (Svendborgbanen). The town of Odense is also a major stop on the national railroad system lines.


Odense municipality is located near the Odense Fjord. The Odense Canal (Odense Kanal) flows out from the fjord and forms three ports in the city's industrial area. The Odense River (Odense Å) also flows out from the fjord and meanders through the municipality, including Odense town center where Sankt Jørgens Park and Munke Mose are located on its banks. The river springs from Lake Arreskov (Arreskov Sø) in Faaborg-Midtfyn municipality.

The highest point in the municipality is Dyred Banke (123 m/404 ft above sea-level).


The municipality, a former "Provincial municipality" was re-created 1 April 1970 as Odense municipality as the result of a kommunalreform ("Municipal Reform") that merged a number of existing Provincial- Parish- and Village- municipalities: Allerup-Davinde, Allese-Næsbyhoved, Broby, Brændekilde, Bellinge, Dalum, Fraugde, Korup-Ubberud, Lumby, Odense, Paarup, Sanderum, Stenløse-Fangel, the "coalition-municipality" of Fjordager (which had been created in 1966 by merging Agedrup and Seden-Åsum municipalities), and Højby parish.

Odense municipality was not merged with other municipalities by 1 January 2007 as the result of the nationwide Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" of 2007). Before this reform, the list of neighboring municipalities were Langeskov to the east, Munkebo to the northeast, Otterup to the north, Søndersø, Vissenbjerg, and Tommerup to the west, and Broby and Årslev to the south. Odense belonged to Funen County 1970-2006 and before this to Odense County.

Municipal council

Danish city council members are elected for four-year terms. Last election took place in 2009 and councillors assumed office on 1 January 2010. The 2009 election was a victory for the left wing as the Social Democrats ousted conservative Jan Boye after his one term as mayor. That was, however, the outcome of a good election result for the Socialist People's Party.

18 November 2009 municipal election

Party name Party votes Vote percentage Total Seats Seat percentage
Social Democrats (A) 29,090 30.1% (-2.5) 10 (-0) 34,5%
Conservative People's Party (C) 23,396 24.2% (-11.4) 7 (-4) 24%
Socialist People's Party (F) 19,774 20.5% (+11.8) 6 (+4) 20.7%
Liberal Party (V) 9,921 10.3% (+3.5) 3 (+1) 10.3%
Danish People's Party (O) 6,373 6.6% (+2.1) 2 (+1) 6.9%
Red-Green Alliance (Ø) 4,690 4.8% (-1.8) 1 (-1) 3.5%
Social Liberals (B) 2,739 2.8% (-1.1) 0 (-1) 0.0%
All Others 592 0.6% 0 0.0%
Invalid Ballots and Blank Votes 1,372 -% 0 0.0%
Total Valid Votes 96,575 99.9% 29 100.0%

For more detailed results, see: http://www.kmdvalg.dk/kv/2009/k84733461.htm

The city of Odense

Saint Canute's Church (Sankt Knuds Kirke) in Odense, Denmark.

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, and one of country's oldest settlements. The first record of its existence dates from 988 and the town celebrated its 1,000th anniversary in 1988. The name refers to Odin in Norse mythologyOdins Vi ("Odin's Sanctuary"). The shrine of Canute the Saint was a great resort of pilgrims throughout the Middle Ages. His relics are still preserved in Saint Canute's Cathedral. In the 16th century the town was the meeting-place of several parliaments, and down to 1805 it was the seat of the provincial assembly of Funen.

Denmark's famous author and poet Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense on 2 April 1805. Museums honouring him have been created both in a house in the old part of Odense with a large collection of his works and belongings, and his childhood home, which is also located in the city.

Odense also has a museum honouring the classical composer Carl Nielsen, who was born in Nr. Lynelse near Odense.

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