European route E20

European route E20

The European route E20 is part of the United Nations International E-road network.

It runs roughly west-east through Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and finally Russia. The length is 1880km (1168 mi).
The road is not continuous and, at three points, a ferry must be used to continue along its length.


*Shannon Airport–N19–N18–Limerick–N7 (& M7)–Dublin

The E20, like all European routes (except, as of 2007, a short stretch of the E01, and the E201) is not signed in the Republic of Ireland. The Dublin-Portlaoise and Limerick - Shannon stretches are dual carriageway or motorway, however between Portlaoise and Limerick is two-lane regular highway (and involves a drive through Limerick city). Dual carriageway/motorway is under construction or starting construction along this part of the route as of 2008 ("N7 Portlaoise-Castletown", "N7 Castletown-Nenagh", "N7 Nenagh-Limerick", "N7 Limerick Southern Ring Road Phase 2"). These four projects are planned for completion by 2010, and the N7 sections will be reclassified as motorway (M7).

A ferry must be used from Dublin to Liverpool.

United Kingdom part

E20 follows the A5080 from Liverpool to Huyton, the M62 from Huyton to North Cave, and the A63 from North Cave to Kingston upon Hull. It is not signposted in the UK.

There is no ferry between Kingston upon Hull and Esbjerg. The alternative is Harwich-Esbjerg, 3 times per week. Harwich is located 300 km (180 mi) south of Kingston upon Hull. Or one could use a daily ferry between Kingston upon Hull and the Netherlands, and drive 700 km to Esbjerg.Or|date=August 2008

Danish part

In Denmark E20 is a motorway from Esbjerg to the Oresund Bridge. The length of the Danish part is 315 km (195 miles).

It passes along the Great Belt Bridge which consists of two parts of 6 + 6 km. See the Danish article for a list of all motorway exits.The Great Belt Bridge and Oresund Bridge are tolled, both with more than 30 €. The Oresund Bridge is 8 km and there is a 4 km tunnel on the Danish side of the Sound. The road crosses the border between DK/S on the bridge.

The route Copenhagen-Odense is heavily trafficked, the worst part on the route is probably Copenhagen-Køge. This road has three E-road numbers (also E47 and E55). At the crossing with the motorway no 21, at Ishøj, there is often congestion.

wedish part

In Sweden, E20 is a motorway from the Oresund Bridge to Nääs 30 km east of Gothenburg, a 320 km (200 mi) long motorway. Furthermore, it is a motorway most of the route from Vretstorp (20km (12 mi) west of Örebro) to Stockholm.

The Swedish part is 770 km (478 mi) long. It is common with E6 for a 280 km (175 miles) long route, with E18 for 50 km (31 miles) and with E4 for 35 km (22 mi).

The part through Stockholm has very heavy traffic, including Scandinavia heaviest trafficked road, Essingeleden (160.000/day). There is often congestion there and on the part of E20 that goes on streets in central Stockholm. People who shall catch a ferry must include some margin, like 30 minutes extra.

Between Stockholm and Tallinn a car ferry departs daily, taking 15 hours. The port in Stockholm is located 5 km northeast of the inner city.

Estonian and Russian part

The distance from Tallinn to Saint Petersburg is 360 km (225 mi). The road is mainly an ordinary road, but is a primary route for the 70 km (45 mi) outside of Tallinn. The main problem with this stretch is the Russian Border Control, which is poorly equipped for the volume of traffic using it. This is especially the case with heavy goods vehicles, which are left waiting for a long time, which sometimes runs in to days [] . In Russia, the route coincides with the Russian route M11.

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