Conservative People's Party (Denmark)

Conservative People's Party (Denmark)
Conservative People's Party
Det Konservative Folkeparti
Leader Lars Barfoed
Founded 1915
Headquarters Nyhavn 4
1051 København K
Youth wing Young Conservatives
Student wing Conservative Students
Ideology Conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation International Democrat Union
European affiliation European People's Party
European Parliament Group European People's Party
Official colours Green
8 / 179
European Parliament
1 / 13
20 / 205
262 / 2,468
Election symbol
Politics of Denmark
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The Conservative People's Party (Danish: Det Konservative Folkeparti), also known as Conservatives (Konservative) is a Danish political party.



Election poster, 1939

The party was founded 1915 based mostly on its predecessor, Højre (Right), but also on the Free Conservatives and a moderate faction of Venstre (Left), the liberals.

The party has participated in several coalition governments, but only one Prime Minister (statsminister in Danish), Poul Schlüter, has come from this party, serving from 1982 to 1993. The youth branch of the Conservative People's Party, albeit an independent organisation, is Young Conservatives, the earliest formed youth organisation in Denmark, founded in December 1904, and believed to be one of the oldest in the world[citation needed], preceding the Conservative People's Party by 10 years. The student branch is Conservative Students, likewise an independent organisation, which has branches at all Danish Universities.

In 2001–2011, the Conservative People's Party was the junior partner in a coalition government led by Venstre (literally "left", but in Denmark meaning "Liberals"). The Conservative People's Party is currently led by Lars Barfoed, who served as Justice Minister from 2010 to 2011.

The party is a member of the European People's Party (EPP). In the 2004 election for the European Parliament, the party won a seat. The member is currently Bendt Bendtsen, who is a member of the EPP group.

In the 2011 election for the Folketing (Danish national parliament), the Conservative People's Party won 8 seats, ten fewer than it had won in the previous election, and it received 4.9% of the vote. In the 2011 election, it was placed eighth behind Venstre, the Social Democrats, the Danish People's Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Red-Green Alliance and the Liberal Alliance.

Relationship to other parties

Although the Social Democrats are currently speaking of the possibility of a broad centrist coalition including the Conservatives, the Conservatives appear to remain committed to a right-of-centre alliance,[citation needed] working most closely with the liberal Venstre and somewhat less closely with the Danish People's Party. The Conservatives did cooperate with the Social Liberals during its time in power in the 1980s and also cooperated with the centre-left government under Poul Nyrup Rasmussen in the 1990s.

International comparison

The Conservative People's Party is a party that extolls the virtues of capitalism in a land of social democracy, but it is not considered an especially radical party, being quite moderated by the popularity of the welfare state in Denmark. Thus, the Conservative People's Party is somewhat close to the mainstream of European conservatives, with an extra liberal streak. Comparisons could be drawn with the reformists within the Sarkozy government in France or David Cameron's Conservatives in the United Kingdom.

List of leaders

Political leaders

John Christmas Møller 1928–1947
Ole Bjørn Kraft 1947–1955
Aksel Møller 1955–1958
Poul Sørensen 1958–1969
Poul Møller 1969–1971
Erik Ninn-Hansen 1971–1974
Poul Schlüter 1974–1993
Henning Dyremose 1993
Hans Engell 1993–1997
Per Stig Møller 1997–1998
Pia Christmas-Møller 1998–1999
Bendt Bendtsen 1999–2008
Lene Espersen 2008–2011
Lars Barfoed 2011-

Party chairmen

Emil Piper 1916-28
Charles Tvede 1928-32
John Christmas Møller 1932-39
Vilhelm Fibiger 1939-48
Halfdan Hendriksen 1948-57
Einar Foss 1957-65
Knud Thestrup 1965-72
Erik Haunstrup Clemmensen 1972-74
Poul Schlüter 1974-77
Ib Stetter 1977-81
Poul Schlüter 1981-93
Torben Rechendorff 1993-95
Hans Engell 1995-97
Per Stig Møller 1997-98
Poul Andreassen 1998-00
Bendt Bendtsen 2000-08
Lene Espersen 2008-11

Youth and student wings

Notable members

  • John Christmas Møller - Wartime resistance figure.
  • Connie Hedegaard - Appointed as the European Union's first ever European Commissioner for Climate Action in February 2010, Hedegaard was elected to the Danish Parliament as a member for the Conservative People's Party in 1984 at the age of 23, becoming the youngest Danish MP ever at that time. In 1989, Hedegaard became first spokesperson for the Conservative People's Party, but left politics for journalism in 1990.[3] (Retrieved 15:53, 18 March 2011 (UTC))


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