List of military special forces units

List of military special forces units

This list is about military units. For other units, see:


Afghanistan Afghanistan

Afghan National Army

Albania Albania

Albanian Joint Forces Command
  • Black Tigers
  • Special Forces Battalion
Albanian Navy
  • Naval Commandos

Algeria Algeria

People's National Army

Argentina Argentina

Argentine Air Force
Argentine Army
Argentine Marine Corps
Argentine National Gendarmerie
Argentine Naval Prefecture
Argentine Navy

Armenia Armenia

Armenian Army
  • Army Commandos

Australia Australia

Australian Defence Force
Special Operations Command[1]

Austria Austria

Austrian Army

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani Navy
  • 641st Special Warfare Naval Unit

The Bahamas Bahamas

Royal Bahamas Defence Force
  • Commando Squadron
  • Special Operations Unit

Bangladesh Bangladesh

Bangladesh Army
  • 1 Para Commando Battalion 1 Para Commando is directly under command of AHQ.
  • SOTRACOM - 'Special Operation Training Command'. Present Special warfare wing at 'School of Infantry & Tactics' is in the process of being separate Special Warfare school that to remain within the structure of ASOCOM.
  • ASOCOM 'Army Special Operation Command'. As per forces goal 2030, BD army to raise ASOCOM which will have a Special Force Brigade as under-command(3x SF Battalion).
  • Formation Commando Company Army Commandos with 09 company plus strength in all division.
  • Special Security Force SSF- A force mostly trained in US, Thailand that provide close protection to all visiting State Person, VVIP, Political leaders' etc.
  • President Guard Regiment PGR- A battalion size force with best soldiers of army units that provide 1st line defense to key government and international buildings/facilities and area protection to VVIP'.
  • Counter Terrorism and Intelligence Bureau -CTIB With unknown size most well-equipped unit for the task, that carry out all intelligence operation.
Bangladesh Navy
  • Special Warfare Diving and Salvage SWADS -Battalion size force mostly trained to carry out naval special operations.
  • ODD 71 Detail is unknown.

Belarus Belarus

Armed Forces of Belarus
  • 5th Separate Spetznaz Brigade

Belgium Belgium

Belgian Land Component

Bhutan Bhutan

Royal Bhutan Army

Brazil Brazil

Brazilian Air Force
  • Para-SAR – Special Pararescue Unit- Highly trained paratrooper, trained in evasion and extraction, tactical rescue and survival in hostile environment.
Brazilian Army
Brazilian Navy
  • COMANF – Batalhão Tonelero -Especial Operations Battalion -(Brazilian navy commandos).
  • GRUMEC(Combat Divers Group)- (Unconventional warfare,counter-terrorism and Special reconnaissance).
Military Police

Bulgaria Bulgaria

  • 63rd Maritime Special Reconnaissance Force "Black Sea Sharks"
  • 68th Special Forces Brigade
  • SOBT

Cambodia Cambodia

Royal Cambodian Army

Canada Canada

Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

Chile Chile

Chilean Air Force
  • Grupo de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Group)
    • Agrupación Antisecuestros Aéreos (Air Counter-Terrorism Group)
    • Comandos de Aviación (Aviation Commandos)
    • Paracaidistas de Busqueda, Salvamento y Rescate (Parachute Search, Rescue and Recovery)
Chilean Army
  • Brigada de Operaciones Especiales "Lautaro"
    • 1º Batallón de Paracaidistas "Pelantaru" (1st Parachute Battalion "Pelantaru")
    • 1º Compañía de Comandos "Iquique" (1st Commandos Company "Iquique")
    • 10º Compañía de Comandos (10th Commandos Company)
    • 13º Compañía de Comandos "Escorpión" (13th Commandos Company "Escorpión")
    • Grupo Especial de Montaña (Special Group Mountain)
Chilean Navy
  • Grupo de Abordaje y Registro de la Armada (GARA)
  • Comando de Fuerzas Especiales (Special Forces Command)
    • Buzos Tácticos de la Armada (Tactical Divers of the Navy)
    • Equipo de Intervención Rápida (Rapid Intervention Team)

China People's Republic of China

People's Armed Police
People's Liberation Army Ground Force

Colombia Colombia

Colombian Air Force
Colombian National Armada

Counterterrorism Urban Special Forces Group

  • Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales de Infantería de Marina (BFEIM)
  • Grupos Autónomos y Unificados por la Libertad y la Antiextorsión (GAULA). Special anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion units.
National Army of Colombia
  • Agrupación de Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas Urbanas (AFEAU) Anti-Terrorist Urban Special Forces Group. A joint service CT/Hostage rescue unit
  • Agrupacion de Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas Urbanas y Rurales (AFEAUR) Anti-Terrorist Urban and Rural Special Forces Groups
  • Brigada Contra el Narcotráfico
  • Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales
  • Fuerza de Despliegue Rápido (FUDRA)
  • Grupo de Acción Unificada por la Libertad Personal (GAULA). Special anti-kidnapping and anti-extortion units.

Costa Rica Costa Rica

Military of Costa Rica
  • Unidad Especial de Intervención - Special Intervention Unit UEI attached to the Presidency

Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire

National Armed Forces of Côte d'Ivoire
  • Rapid Intervention Battalion

Croatia Croatia

Croatian Army

Military police

  • Special Military Police Company (SPN VP) (Satnija za posebne namjene Vojne policije)

Cuba Cuba

Cuban Revolutionary Navy
  • Desembarco de Granma
  • Formacion de Missiones Especial Naval
Cuban Revolutionary Army
  • Black Wasps – Tropas Especiales Avispas Negras

Cyprus Cyprus

Cypriot National Guard
  • Special Forces Command (DKD)
Cyprus Navy
  • Underwater Demolition Command (OYK)

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (ACR)
  • 102. Průzkumný Prapor (102nd Reconnaissance Battalion)
  • 601st Special Forces Group
  • SOG - Útvar speciálních operací vojenské policie (Special Operation Group Of Military Police)

Denmark Denmark

Danish Home Guard
  • SSR – Special Support & Reconnaissance Coy[13]
Royal Danish Army
Royal Danish Navy

Ecuador Ecuador

Ecuadorian Army
  • 9th Special Forces Brigade PATRIA
  • Counter-terror unit "GEO" (Grupo Especial de Operaciones)
  • Jungle Warfare Special Operations Iwia Battalion No. 60
  • Special boat detachments called ratas de río or fusileros fluviales (engl. sea rats)

Egypt Egypt

Egyptian Army
Egyptian Navy
  • Egyptian Navy SEALs

El Salvador El Salvador

Salvadoran Army

Estonia Estonia

Estonian Army
  • Estonian Special Operations Force

Finland Finland

Finnish Army
Finnish Border Guard
  • Southeast Finland Border Guard District
    • Erikoisrajajääkärit Special Border Jaegers
Finnish Navy

France France

Almost all French special forces are attached to the Commandement des Opérations Spéciales (COS).

First circle:

Second circle:

The COS doesn't recognize the "second circle"; it's a popular expression employed by members of units of that circle. There isn't official text which mentions the second circle.

Georgia (country) Georgia

Germany Germany

German Army
  • Fernspählehrkompanie 200
  • Kommando Spezialkräfte[16]
  • Special Operations Force Air Rotary Wing
German Navy

Greece Greece

Hellenic Army
Hellenic Navy
  • Underwater Demolition Command (DYK)
Hellenic Air Force
  • 31st Special Operations Squadron (31 MEE)

Guatemala Guatemala

Guatemalan Army

Hungary Hungary

  • HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion

India India

Indian Air Force
Indian Army
Indian Navy
Paramilitary forces of India
Research and Analysis Wing

Indonesia Indonesia

Indonesian Air Force
Indonesian Army
Indonesian Navy

Iran Iran

Revolutionary Guards
Iranian Army
  • NOPO

Iraq Iraq

Iraqi Army

Republic of Ireland Ireland

Irish Army
Irish Naval Service
  • Naval Service Diving Section

Israel Israel

Israeli Air Force
Israeli Army
Israeli Navy

Italy Italy

Italian Air Force
Italian Army
Italian Navy

Japan Japan

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
  • Special Forces Group
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Special Boarding Unit
Japan Coast Guard

Jordan Jordan

  • 69 Special Reconnaissance Regiment
  • Unit 71 Special Forces Division
  • Unit 101 Special Forces Division
  • Royal Special Forces (SWAT)

Latvia Latvia

Latvian Army
  • Special Tasks Unit

Lebanon Lebanon

Lebanese Army
Lebanese Navy
  • Lebanese Navy SEALs Regiment

Lithuania Lithuania

Lithuanian Special Operations Force
  • Anti-terrorism Force squad (ARAS)
  • Combat Divers Service (CDS)
  • Special Operations Element (SOG)
  • Special Purpose Service (YPT)
  • Vytautas the Great Jaeger Battalion (VGJB)

Malaysia Malaysia

Malaysian Army
Royal Malaysian Navy
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Royal Johor Military Force
  • JMF Elite Forces

Maldives Maldives

Maldives National Defence Force

Malta Malta

Armed Forces of Malta
  • C (Special Duties) Company
  • Rapid Deployment Team

Mexico Mexico

Mexican Army
Mexican Navy

Nepal Nepal

Nepalese Army
  • Shree Singha Nath Battalion (Commandos)
  • Shree Bhairavnath Battalion (Para Commandos)
  • Shree Mahabir Battalion (Rangers)
  • Shree Yuddha Bhairav Battalion (Special Forces)

Netherlands Netherlands

Netherlands Marine Corps
Royal Marechaussee (Netherlands gendarmerie corps)
Royal Netherlands Army

New Zealand New Zealand

New Zealand Army

Nigeria Nigeria

Nigerian Navy

North Korea North Korea

Korean People's Army

Norway Norway

Ministry of Defence

Oman Oman

  • Sultans Special Force

Pakistan Pakistan

Inter-Services Intelligence (Other Government Agency (OGA))
  • Joint Intelligence Miscellaneous – An ISI Wing that is responsible for espionage, including offensive intelligence operations, special operations, in other countries.
Pakistan Air Force
Pakistan Army
Pakistan Navy
  • Pakistan Army Rangers (PAR) The Army Rangers Anti-Terrorist Company (ATC) has been raised since early 2004.

Panama Panama

Panamanian Public Forces
  • Institutional Protection Service

Peru Peru

Peruvian Army
  • 1st Special Forces Brigade (1ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)
  • 3rd Special Forces Brigade (3ra Brigada de Fuerzas Especiales)
  • 26th Special Forces Group "Quevedo"
  • Special Forces Group "Puma"
Peruvian Navy
  • Fuerza de Operaciones Especiales

Philippines Philippines

Armed Forces of the Philippines
Philippine Air Force
Philippine Army
Philippine Coast Guard
Philippine Marine Corps
Philippine Navy

Poland Poland

[43] [44][45] [46] [47]

Portugal Portugal

Portuguese Army
Portuguese Navy

Romania Romania

Ministry of Defense

Russia Russia

Russian armed forces

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
  • 1'st Special Brigade
  • 64th Brigade
  • 85th Battalion
  • 88th Battalion
  • 99th Battalion

Serbia Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces

Singapore Singapore

Singapore Army
Republic of Singapore Navy

Slovakia Slovakia

Slovak Army

Slovenia Slovenia

Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Special Operations Unit (ESD – Enota za Specialno Delovanje)
  • Specialized Unit for Special Tactics (PEST – Posebna Enota za Specialno Taktiko) Military Police
  • Light Divers Platoon

South Africa South Africa

South African National Defence Force

South Korea South Korea

Republic of Korea Air Force
  • Combat Control Team (CCT)
  • Office of Special Investigation (OSI)
  • Special Air Rescue Team (SART) ("Red Berets")
Republic of Korea Army
  • Defence Intelligence Command (DIC)
    • Headquarters of Intelligence Detachment (HID)
  • Joint Security Area (JSA) Security Battalion
  • Special Warfare Command
    • 707th Special Mission Battalion ("White Tigers")
Republic of Korea Capital Defense Command
  • Military Police Special Guard Team (MPSGT)
  • 33rd Rangers
  • 35th Commandos
Republic of Korea Marine Corps (ROKMC)
  • 1st Special Reconnaissance Battalion ("Sharkmen")
Republic of Korea Navy
  • Naval Special Warfare Flotilla
    • ROKN Special Missions Group (Maritime Counter-terrorism)
    • Ship Salvage Unit (SSU)
    • ROK Naval Special Warfare Brigade
    • Underwater Demolition Unit (UDU)

Spain Spain

Guardia Civil
Spanish Air Force
  • Escuadrón de Zapadores Paracaidistas (EZAPAC)
Spanish Army
Spanish Marine Corps

Sri Lanka Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Army
Sri Lanka Navy
  • Special Boat Squadron
  • Rapid Action Boat Squadron
Sri Lanka Air Force
Sri Lanka Police Service

Sweden Sweden

Swedish Armed Forces

Switzerland Switzerland

Swiss Army
  • Army Reconnaissance Detachment (ARD 10)[55][56]
  • Grenadier Battalion 20
  • Grenadier Battalion 30
  • Grenadier Battalion 40

Syria Syria

Syrian Army
  • 14th Special Forces Division

Thailand Thailand

Royal Thai Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force Commando Company
  • Royal Thai Air Force Pararescue
Royal Thai Army
  • Special Forces
Royal Thai Marine Corps
  • Marine Reconnaissance Battalion
Royal Thai Navy

Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan)

Republic of China (Taiwan) Army
  • 101st Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion
  • Special Operation Command
Republic of China (Taiwan) Marine Corps
  • Amphibious Reconnaissance and Patrol Unit
Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy
  • Underwater Demolition Units (UDU)/ Navy SEALs
Republic of China (Taiwan) Air Force
  • Paratrooper Special Tactics unit

Turkey Turkey

Turkish General Staff
Turkish Air Force
  • Combat Search and Rescue (MAK)
  • AKİP commandos
Turkish Navy
Turkish Gendarmerie
  • Gendarmerie Commandos (Jandarma Özel Asayiş Komutanlığı – JÖAK)
  • Gendarmerie Special Operations (Jandarma Özel Harekat – JÖH)

United Kingdom United Kingdom

British Army
Joint Service
Royal Air Force/Army Air Corps
Royal Navy

United States United States

United States Special Operations Command
  • Joint Task Force Sword
  • Joint Task Force 487
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC)
United States Air Force (AFSOC)
United States Army (USASOC)
United States Naval Special Warfare Command (NAVSPECWARCOM)

Venezuela Venezuela

  • Special Operations Brigade "Generalísimo Francisco de Miranda"
Venezuelan Air Force
  • Special Operations Squadron
Venezuelan Army
  • 106 Special Operations Battalion
  • 506 Special Operations Battalion
Venezuelan National Guard
  • Special Actions Group (Grupo de Acciones Especiales)
  • Counter Extortion and Hostage Groups (Grupos Anti-Extorsión y Secuestros – GAES -)

Vietnam Vietnam

Vietnam Army
  • Vietnam Sapper (Đặc công Việt Nam)

Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe National Army
  • Boat Squadron
  • Combat Diving Unit
  • Special Air Service


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Miscellaneous Notes
  1. ^ The Japanese Special Forces Group is the current name of the former Japanese Special Operations Group, following a name change.

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