Special Service Wing

Special Service Wing

Special Service Wing (SSW) is an independent commando division of the Pakistan Air Force. It is an elite special operations force based upon the US Air Force's 1st Special Operations Wing unit and the US Army's Ranger units. This the newest component to the Special Forces of Pakistan. The division has recently been created and is fielding between 700 to 1,000 men in one company.


The unit was first created in 2001 when the Military of Pakistan was impressed in the way that US Special Forces during the initial phase of the war in Afghanistan were able to secure targets, set up runways and airstrips for immediate use and direct strategic and tactical air strikes on enemy positions so quickly. The close cooperation between the US and Pakistani militaries in the days immediately following 9/11 allowed many SSW soldiers to go to the United States to be trained. All members of SSW have to be HALO/HAHO qualified. The combat troops of special services wing had been carrying out oprations during the recent insurgencies inside Pakistan.


When combat ready, all SSW members will be ground operators certified to act as air traffic controllers in hostile and dangerous environments. They can take over or construct an airstrip, set up navigational equipment, and direct airplanes and helicopters to a safe landing without the use of a tower or elaborate communications system. They also control air attacks of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft from all military services.

They will also have the capability to perform search and rescue, typically of (but not limited to) downed pilots. They will be trained and able both to fight with virtually any special operations unit and to act as paramedics on the battlefield.

Some members of SSW will have the ability to gather and interpret meteorological and oceanographic information, as well as act as forward ground combatants. Their primary mission would be to collect and disseminate forward observations in denied, hostile, or otherwise data-sparse regions. They will be a critical element in mission planning and work mostly with Army and Navy Special Operations.

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