Argentine Marines

Argentine Marines
IMARA insignia

The Argentine Marine Corps, officially Comando de la Infantería de Marina or COIM ( English: Marine Infantry Command ), but better known as Infantería de Marina de la Armada de la República Argentina or IMARA ( English: Marine Infantry of the Navy of the Argentine Republic ), is the land warfare amphibious branch of the Argentine Navy and one of its four operational commands.

Argentine Marines have the same rank insignia and titles as the rest of the Navy.



The Marines trace their origins in Spanish Marine Corps, at the time of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. After the Argentine War of Independence, it was under joint administration administration of the Argentine Army and the Argentine Navy. A 1946 law placed the marines solely under the jurisdiction of the Navy.

Battles and interventions

An LVTP-7 from BIM-2 patrolling Port Stanley during the Falklands War in 1982
1982: Argentine marines on Stanley

Under Spanish dominion:

During independence:

  • seizure of Martin Garcia Island in 1814.
  • Landing in Monterey, California, now part of the United States (1817–1818): Forces commanded by Hipólito Bouchard, 200 men of which 130 were armed with guns and 70 with lances, disembarked to one league from the fort of Monterrey, in a hidden creek from the heights. The resistance of the fort was very weak, and after one hour battle the Argentine flag was raised.

Argentine confederation:

Argentine Republic


IMARA routinely train in joint exercises with similar units of Brazil, Chile and the United States.[1]

Current deployments

2009: Training on USS Oak Hill

IMARA has two Infantry Companies deployed in Haiti and Cyprus under the auspices of MINUSTAH[2] and UNFICYP respectively in joint operations with the Argentine Army and Argentine Air Force. A small platoon was also deployed in Kosovo (NATO KFOR mandate), attached to Argentine Engineers Company, which was in turn attached to the Italian Brigade.

Several Marine Officers and NCO's are routinely deployed as military observers for the UN.


Fleet Marine Force (FAIF)

The FMF was formerly called the Brigada de IM No. 1 ( English: 1st Marine Brigade )

  • 2nd Marine Corps Battalion
  • 1st Amphibious Vehicles Battalion
  • Amphibious Engineers Battalion
  • Command and Logistical Support Battalion
  • 1st Communications Battalion
  • 1st Field Artillery Battalion
  • Anti-aircraft artillery Battalion
  • Amphibious Commandos Group (APCA)

Southern Marine Force (FAIA)

The SMF was formerly called the Fuerza de IM No. 1.

  • 4th Marine Corps Battalion
  • 5th Marine Corps Battalion
  • Naval Detachment Río Grande

River Operations Unit

  • 3rd Marine Corps Battalion

Marine Security Forces

  • Navy General Staff Security Battalion
  • Puerto Belgrano Naval Base Security Battalion
  • 15 Security Companies at Marine and Naval Air Bases.

Landing Ships

Weapons and vehicles[3]

ERC-90 Recon. Vehicle
VAO - IMARA's Amphibious tracked vehicle LVTP-7
VAR - IMARA's Amphibious wheeled vehicle LARC-Vs with Humvee

3rd Naval Helicopter Sqn. (Bell UH-1H, now in reserve status) was usually attached to the Fleet Marine Force.

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