Lists of countries and territories

Lists of countries and territories

This is a list of lists of countries and territories by various definitions, including FIFA countries, federations, and fictional countries. A country or territory is a geographical area, both in the sense of nation (a cultural entity) and state (a political entity).[1]

When the term country is used as a synonym for an independent sovereign state, see:

The items and lists shown in this entry use the word country to mean nation-state almost invariably.


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The characteristics of the human population:


Map of amount of exports per country

The production, distribution and consumption of goods and services:

Gross domestic product

The value of goods and services produced within a country:

Industrial Output


Farmers work inside a rice field.


The physical, chemical, and biotic factors that act upon an ecosystem:


The Earth and its features:


Military spending


Name of a country

The label for the country:


The process by which groups, often governments, make decisions:






  1. ^ The Oxford English Dictionary lists the first six as:
    • I. 1. a. A tract or expanse of land of undefined extent; a region, district.
    • 2. a. A tract or district having more or less definite limits in relation to human occupation. e.g. owned by the same lord or proprietor, or inhabited by people of the same race, dialect, occupation, etc.; spec. preceded by a personal name: the region associated with a particular person or his works; also fig.
    • 3. The territory or land of a nation; usually an independent state, or a region once independent and still distinct in race, language, institutions, or historical memories, as England, Scotland, and Ireland, in the United Kingdom, *etc.
      With political changes, what were originally distinct countries have become provinces or districts of one country, and vice versa; the modern tendency being to identify the term with the existing political condition.
    • 4. The land of a person's birth, citizenship, residence, etc.; used alike in the wider sense of native land, and in the narrower one of the particular district to which a person belongs.
    • 5. a. ‘The parts of a region distant from cities or courts’ (J.); the rural districts as distinct from the town or towns; sometimes applied to all outside the capital, called, by eminence, ‘town’.
    • 6. a. The people of a district or state; the nation.
    —Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, with online updates as of September 2008. Entry "1. country"

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