Use of capital punishment by nation

Use of capital punishment by nation

At one time capital punishment was used in almost every part of the globe, but over the last few decades many countries have abolished it. Amnesty International classifies countries into four categories.
*59 countries (approximately 67 percent of the global population) still maintain the death penalty in both law and practice.
*90 countries have abolished it completely.
*10 retain it, but only for crimes committed in exceptional circumstances (such as crimes committed in time of war).
*35 countries maintain laws permitting the use of the death penalty for ordinary crimes, but have allowed the death penalty to fall into disuse for at least 10 years.Additionally, five countries still execute child offenders. [ Iranian activists fight child executions] , Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press, September 17, 2008; accessed September 22, 2008.] In some countries the practice of extrajudicial execution sporadically or systematically outside their own formal legal frameworks still occurs. This list below includes several unrecognized states with de facto control over their territory and #cc7662|Legal form of punishment

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Executions in 2007: Botswana (1), Egypt (?), Equatorial Guinea (3), Ethiopia (1), Libya (9), Somalia (5), Sudan (7)

North America and Caribbean

Executions in 2007: United States (42) [ [ Executions in the United States in 2007 ] ]

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*List of most recent executions by jurisdiction



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* [ Amnesty International]
* [ The Death Penalty Worldwide]
* [ Countries retaining death penalty fail to give details of executions] - United Nations, July 14, 2005
* [ Death Penalty in Asia-Pacific]
* [ Monthly updates of world-wide executions]

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