Chhena Kheeri

Chhena Kheeri
Chhena Kheeri
Place of origin India
Region or state Orissa
Dish details
Course served Dessert
Main ingredient(s) Clarified butter, ghee, sugar

Chhena Kheeri is a sweet dish originally from coastal Orissa in eastern India, a state known for desserts made of chhena. The popularity of this dish is spreading to other parts of Orissa, as well as neighboring states.


Chhena kheeri is made by deep frying cubes of chhena cheese. Although typically ghee, traditional clarified butter, is used as the frying medium, chefs frequently substitute this with vegetable oil. The cubes are added to milk and sugar, and boiled further until some of the milk evaporates and the dish acquires a thicker consistency, to form a rabdi. The mixture is seasoned with cardamoms and nuts before being served.

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