A plate of Obatzda, garnished with white and green onion

Obatzda [ˈoːbatsdɐ] is a Bavarian cheese delicacy. It is prepared by mixing two thirds aged soft cheese, usually Camembert (Romadur or similar cheeses may be used as well) and one third butter. Sweet or hot paprika powder, salt, pepper are the traditional seasonings. An optional amount of onions, garlic, horseradish, cloves, ground cumin or caraway seeds may be used and some cream as well. The cheeses and spices are mixed together into a smooth mass. It is usually eaten spread on bread or pretzels. Obatzda is a classic example of Bavarian biergarten food.

A similar Austrian/Hungarian/Slovakian recipe is called Liptauer which uses fresh curd cheese as a substitute soft cheeses and the butter, but uses about the same spice mix.

It is also very similar to Welsh rarebit, although Obatzda is served cold and Welsh rarebit hot.

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