Socialism and Freedom Party

Socialism and Freedom Party
Socialism and Freedom Party
Partido Socialismo e Liberdade
President Heloísa Helena
Founded June 6, 2004
Headquarters SDS, Edificio Venâncio V, Loja 28
Ideology Socialism, Trotskyism and other Left-wing ideologies.
International affiliation Different groups in the PSOL have different international affiliations.
Official colours Red, Yellow
TSE Identification Number 50
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
3 / 513
Seats in the Senate
2 / 81
Politics of Brazil
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The Socialism and Freedom Party (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, P-SOL) is a Brazilian political party (11.000 members). Among the party leaders are Heloísa Helena (Alagoas), federal deputies Luciana Genro (Rio Grande do Sul) and Babá (Pará), and a number of well-known Brazilian left-wing leaders and intellectuals, such as Milton Temer, Carlos Nelson Coutinho, Ricardo Antunes, Francisco de Oliveira, João Machado, Pedro Ruas and others.

PSOL was formed after Heloísa Helena, Luciana Genro, Babá and João Fontes (also a federal deputy, now a member of the Democratic Labour Party, PDT) were expelled from the Workers' Party, after voting against the pension reform proposed by Lula. After collecting more than 438,000 signatures, P-SOL became Brazil's 29th officially recognized political party, the first to do so by this method.


Members of the National Congress

Following the Brazilian parliamentary election, 2010 P-SOL currently has two senators and three federal deputies in the National Congress of Brazil.


Name State Internal tendency
Marinor Brito Pará Socialist Popular Action[1]
Randolfe Rodrigues Amapá Socialist Popular Action[2]

Federal Deputies

Name State Internal tendency
Francisco "Chico" Alencar RJ
Ivan Valente SP Socialist Popular Action
Jean Wyllys RJ



P-SOL launched Heloísa Helena to run for president in 2006 elections. The vice-presidential candidate was intellectual César Benjamin. The party ran in a left-wing ticket along with two other parties: trotskyist United Socialist Workers' Party (PSTU) and communist Brazilian Communist Party (PCB).

The alliance was extended to gubernatorial elections. In Minas Gerais, for instance, Vanessa Portugal, from the PSTU, ran for governor with P-SOL's support, although not with PCB's. Prominent P-SOL gubernatorial candidates were Plínio de Arruda Sampaio in São Paulo, Milton Temer in Rio de Janeiro and Roberto Robaina in Rio Grande do Sul. However, they were all defeated.

Heloísa Helena finished the presidential race in the third place, receiving 6.5 million votes throughout the country (6.85% of the valid votes). Three federal deputies managed to get re-elected. In the 2010 presidential election Plinio Arruda received 888.000 votes ( 0,87%).


Preceded by
45 - BSDP (PSDB)
Numbers of Brazilian Official Political Parties
50 - SFP (PSOL)
Succeeded by
56 - PRNO (PRONA) - defunct
65 - CPB (PCdoB)

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