Republic Party

Republic Party

Infobox Brazilian Political Party
party_articletitle = Republic Party
party_name = Partido da República
president = Sergio Victor Tamer
foundation = December 21, 2006
headquarters = SCN-Qd. 2, Bl. D Sala 601, Edifício Liberty Mall Asa Norte
ideology = Populism, Conservatism
international = none
colours = red, blue and white
tse_number = 22
website = []
The Republic Party ("Partido da Republica", PR) is a centrist Brazilian political party.

It was founded on December 21 2006 by the merge of the Liberal Party ("Partido Liberal", PL) and the Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order ("Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional", PRONA).

It is likely that in the future two other parties, the Social Christian Party ("Partido Social Cristão", PSC) and the Labour Party of Brazil ("Partido Trabalhista do Brasil", PTdoB), will be absorbed in the new party.

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