Brazilian Socialist Party

Brazilian Socialist Party

Infobox Brazilian Political Party
party_articletitle = Brazilian Socialist Party
party_name = Partido Socialista Brasileiro
president = Eduardo Campos
foundation = August 6, 1947
headquarters = SCLN 304, bloco "A", Entrada 63, sobreloja
ideology = Democratic socialism,
Social democracy
international = none
colours = red, yellow
tse_number = 40
website = []
The Brazilian Socialist Party ("Partido Socialista Brasileiro", PSB), is a political party in Brazil.It was founded as the Party of the Democratic Left in 1946 in Rio de Janeiro, and took its current name on August 6, 1947. Miguel Arraes led the party until his 2005 death.

Like all other pre-existing Brazilian political parties, the PSB was dissolved during Brazil's military dictatorship (see History of Brazil (1964-1985)). The PSB was legally re-recognized as a political party by Brazilian Electoral Superior Court on July 1, 1988.

At the legislative elections, 6 october 2002, the party won 22 out of 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 4 out of 81 seats in the Senate. At the 2006 elections, it won 27 seats in the chamber of deputies and 3 seats in the Senate. It also has 2 state governorships.

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