Socialist People's Party (Brazil)

Socialist People's Party (Brazil)

Infobox Brazilian Political Party
party_articletitle = Socialist People's Party (Brazil)
party_name = Partido Popular Socialista
president = Roberto Freire
foundation = March 19, 1992
headquarters = SCS Q. 7 bloco A - Ed. Executive Tower - sl. 826/828 - DF
ideology = Social democracy,
Social liberalism
international = none
colours = red, yellow
tse_number = 23
website = []
The Socialist People's Party ("Partido Popular Socialista", PPS) is a political party in Brazil.It is the tenth largest party in the Brazilian National Congress, with 15 out of 513 deputies, and 1 out of 81 senators.

It was founded in 1992, after the Brazilian Communist Party decided to rename itself the Socialist People's Party as part of a political realignment following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The PPS was a part of the coalition government of Brazilian President Luis Inácio da Silva until December of 2004, when its national executive decided to withdraw its support. [ [ BBC News: Political blow for Brazil's Lula] ] Ciro Gomes of the PPS did not resign his position as Minister for National Integration, leading to his being removed from the PPS's National Executive. At the 2006 legislative elections, the party won 21 seats in the chamber of deputies. At the same time, party members retained the state governorships of Mato Grosso and Rondonia.

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