Christian Labour Party

Christian Labour Party

The Christian Labour Party (Partido Trabalhista Cristão; PTC) is a christian-conservative political party in Brazil.

The party was founded in 1985 as Youth Party (Partido da Juventude, PJ) by Daniel Tourinho, a brazilian lawyer. In 1989 the party is renamed National Reconstruction Party (Partido da Reconstrução Nacional, PRN[citation needed]) and Fernando Collor de Mello was elected president by this party.

After Collor's impeachment, in 1992, the party suffered a deep crisis and eventually changed its name to Partido Trabalhista Cristão, in 2000.

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Preceded by
33 - PNM (PMN)
Numbers of Brazilian Official Political Parties
36 - CLP (PTC)
Succeeded by
40 - BSP (PSB)