List of cities in Ohio

List of cities in Ohio

In the U.S. state of Ohio, a city is legislatively defined as a municipality of population 5,000 or more. The 2008-2009 Roster[1] provided by the Ohio Secretary of State enumerates 251 cities (and 681 villages) in the state.

Section 703.01(A) of the Ohio Revised Code states:

Municipal corporations, which, at the last federal census, had a population of five thousand or more, or five thousand registered resident electors or resident voters as provided in section 703.011 of the Revised Code, are cities. All other municipal corporations are villages. Cities, which, at any federal census, have a population of less than five thousand, shall become villages. Villages, which, at any federal census, have a population of five thousand or more, shall become cities.

The requirements for incorporating as a city however are more stringent. In order to incorporate as a city the territory to be incorporated must meet the following conditions per section 707.29 of the Ohio Revised Code:

  1. It shall consist of not less than four square miles.
  2. It shall have a population of not less than twenty-five thousand and a population density of at least one thousand persons per square mile.
  3. It shall have an assessed valuation of real, personal, and public utility property subject, except as otherwise provided in division (A)(3) of this section, to general property taxation of at least twenty-five hundred dollars per capita. In determining per capita assessed valuation under division (A)(3) of this section, the assessed valuation of any tangible personal property, buildings, structures, improvements, and fixtures that are exempt from taxation under division (B) of section 5709.081 [5709.08.1] of the Revised Code shall be added to the assessed valuation of real, personal, and public utility property subject to general property taxation.
  4. It shall not completely surround an existing municipal corporation.
  5. It shall be contiguous.

Municipality names are not unique: there is a village of Centerville and a city of Centerville; also a city of Oakwood and two similarly named villages: Oakwood, Cuyahoga County, Ohio and Oakwood, Paulding County, Ohio.

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Population is as of the 2000 census.[1]

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Map of USA & Ohio
Population   County
5,582   Hardin County
217,074   Summit County
23,253   Stark County and Mahoning County
11,797   Lorain County
21,249   Ashland County
20,962   Ashtabula County
21,342   Athens County
13,556   Portage County
11,446   Lorain County
20,145   Lorain County


Population   County
27,899   Summit County
16,087   Cuyahoga County
12,186   Cuyahoga County
37,984   Greene County
14,214   Cuyahoga County
11,375   Cuyahoga County
7,009   Greene County
13,069   Logan County
8,193   Huron County, Sandusky County, Erie County and Seneca County
6,660   Washington County
18,970   Cuyahoga County
13,203   Franklin County
12,513   Hamilton County
29,636   Wood County
13,382   Cuyahoga County
15,967   Cuyahoga County
21,218   Cuyahoga County
11,586   Cuyahoga County
5,289   Montgomery County
33,388   Medina County
8,333   Williams County
13,224   Crawford County


Population   County
11,520   Guernsey County
9,460   Mahoning County
5,061   Stark County
7,374   Mahoning County
80,806   Stark County
5,121   Warren County and Montgomery County
10,303   Mercer County
  • Centerville
23,024   Montgomery County and Greene County
5,156   Geauga County
9,015   Hamilton County
21,796   Ross County
332,323   Hamilton County
13,485   Pickaway County
13,347   Montgomery County and Miami County
480,032   Cuyahoga County
49,958   Cuyahoga County
6,064   Sandusky County
5,635   Columbiana County and Mahoning County
759,755   Franklin County, Delaware County and Fairfield County
12,485   Ashtabula County
6,830   Trumbull County
11,682   Coshocton County
5,088   Crawford County and Richland County
49,374   Summit County


Population   County
166,179   Montgomery County
5,982   Hamilton County
16,465   Defiance County
25,243   Delaware County
6,944   Allen County and Van Wert County
12,210   Tuscarawas County
31,392   Franklin County, Delaware County and Union County


Population   County
27,217   Cuyahoga County
13,089   Columbiana County
4,917   Columbiana County
20,255   Lake County
8,133   Preble County
55,953   Lorain County
12,235   Montgomery County
52,717   Cuyahoga County


Population   County
32,052   Greene County
42,097   Butler County
7,307   Summit County
17,572   Cuyahoga County
38,967   Hancock County
19,463   Hamilton County
13,931   Seneca County, Hancock County and Wood County
11,396   Warren County
17,375   Sandusky County


Population   County
32,636   Franklin County
11,341   Crawford County
30,734   Cuyahoga County
6,595   Ashtabula County
10,902   Trumbull County
6,695   Franklin County
22,817   Summit County
4,906   Highland County
13,294   Darke County
27,075   Franklin County


Population   County
60,690   Butler County
7,487   Hamilton County
8,527   Licking County
8,082   Cuyahoga County
24,230   Franklin County
6,368   Highland County
8,284   Trumbull County
38,212   Montgomery County and Miami County
22,439   Summit County
7,958   Erie County


Population   County
7,109   Cuyahoga County
5,907   Hamilton County
11,211   Lawrence County


Population   County
6,184   Jackson County


Population   County
27,906   Portage County
8,336   Hardin County
57,502   Montgomery County and Greene County
6,670   Lake County


Population   County
56,646   Cuyahoga County
35,335   Fairfield County
16,962   Warren County
40,081   Allen County
6,704   Hocking County
8,771   Madison County
68,652   Lorain County
8,904   Stark County
11,677   Hamilton County, Clermont County and Warren County
15,279   Cuyahoga County


Population   County
9,224   Summit County
8,923   Hamilton County
49,346   Richland County
26,156   Cuyahoga County
14,515   Washington County
35,318   Marion County
7,226   Belmont County
15,942   Union County
22,016   Warren County
31,325   Stark County
15,237   Lucas County
19,386   Cuyahoga County
25,139   Medina County
50,278   Lake County
8,127   Lake County
19,489   Montgomery County
15,542   Cuyahoga County
51,605   Butler County
6,284   Clermont County
7,133   Butler County and Warren County
10,163   Hamilton County
6,897   Montgomery County
7,149   Hamilton County
14,375   Knox County
5,314   Summit County


Population   County
9,318   Henry County
5,230   Athens County
7,724   Franklin County and Licking County
5,735   Clark County
14,530   Summit County
5,033   Perry County
17,056   Tuscarawas County
46,279   Licking County
5,002   Trumbull County
20,932   Trumbull County
16,369   Stark County
10,082   Hamilton County
34,113   Cuyahoga County
22,338   Lorain County
28,648   Cuyahoga County
5,471   Wood County
11,523   Summit County
16,238   Huron County
21,675   Hamilton County


Population   County
9,215   Montgomery County
8,195   Lorain County
7,962   Cuyahoga County
5,303   Richland County
19,355   Lucas County
8,551   Wayne County
21,943   Butler County


Population   County
17,503   Lake County
85,655   Cuyahoga County
21,659   Cuyahoga County
10,249   Licking County
6,040   Cuyahoga County
16,949   Wood County
14,792   Fairfield County and Franklin County
20,738   Miami County
  • Piqua
20,738   Miami County

6,391   Ottawa County
20,909   Scioto County
6,247   Delaware County


Population   County
11,771   Portage County
11,292   Hamilton County
32,069   Franklin County, Fairfield County and Licking County
10,944   Cuyahoga County
6,314   Wayne County
23,545   Montgomery County
20,735   Cuyahoga County
6,406   Wood County


Population   County
5,137   Hamilton County
5,057   Belmont County
8,342   Auglaize County
12,197   Columbiana County
27,844   Erie County
12,080   Cuyahoga County
29,405   Cuyahoga County
13,804   Hamilton County and Butler County
9,371   Lorain County
9,821   Richland County
20,211   Shelby County
5,178   Hamilton County
21,802   Cuyahoga County
23,537   Cuyahoga County
12,380   Warren County and Montgomery County
10,563   Hamilton County
65,358   Clark County
19,015   Jefferson County
32,139   Summit County
12,311   Portage County
43,858   Cuyahoga County
11,756   Mahoning County
18,670   Lucas County


Population   County
16,390   Summit County and Portage County
18,135   Seneca County
9,221   Miami County
313,619   Lucas County
5,676   Jefferson County
8,746   Butler County
27,420   Montgomery County
21,999   Miami County
17,006   Summit County


Population   County
5,662   Tuscarawas County
5,574   Montgomery County and Miami County
14,146   Cuyahoga County
33,686   Franklin County
6,533   Wyandot County
11,613   Champaign County


Population   County
10,690   Van Wert County
14,603   Montgomery County
10,927   Lorain County and Erie County


Population   County
18,437   Medina County
9,474   Auglaize County
46,832   Trumbull County
15,109   Cuyahoga County
13,524   Fayette County
7,091   Fulton County
4,433   Pike County
6,078   Jackson County
13,818   Montgomery County
35,318   Franklin County and Delaware County
31,719   Cuyahoga County
19,201   Franklin County
13,484   Lake County
6,806   Huron County
22,621   Lake County
8,595   Lake County
14,361   Lake County
11,921   Clinton County
24,811   Wayne County
14,125   Franklin County
8,261   Hamilton County


Population   County
24,164   Greene County


Population   County
82,026   Mahoning County


Population   County
25,586   Muskingum County


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