National Register of Historic Places listings in Putnam County, New York

National Register of Historic Places listings in Putnam County, New York
Location of Putnam County in New York

List of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Putnam County, New York

This is intended to be a complete list of properties and districts listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Putnam County, New York. The locations of National Register properties and districts (at least for all showing latitude and longitude coordinates below) may be seen in a Google map by clicking on "Map of all coordinates".[1] One of the properties, Manitoga, is further designated a National Historic Landmark of the United States.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted November 18, 2011.[2]

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Listings county-wide

Landmark name Image Date listed Location City or Town Summary
1 The Birches The Birches, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Cat Rock Rd.
41°22′31″N 73°56′38″W / 41.37528°N 73.94389°W / 41.37528; -73.94389 (Birches, The)
Garrison 1882 Victorian Gothic house designed for Illinois Central president William Osborn; used as honeymoon house by both his sons. One of Ralph Adams Cram's earliest works
2 Boscobel Boscobel entrance road.jpg 01977-11-07 November 7, 1977 N of Garrison on NY 9D
41°24′39″N 73°56′22″W / 41.41083°N 73.93944°W / 41.41083; -73.93944 (Boscobel)
Garrison Outstanding example of Federal style mansion, built by States Dyckman in 1808, with many original furnishings. Moved upriver from original site at Montrose and restored after several years in state storage when FDR Veterans Hospital was built on original site.
3 Walter Brewster House Walter Brewster House.jpg 01978-10-04 October 4, 1978 Oak St.
41°23′42″N 73°36′59″W / 41.395°N 73.61639°W / 41.395; -73.61639 (Brewster, Walter, House)
Brewster Home of village founder; only Greek Revival home in county with a two-story colonnade
4 Castle Rock Castle Rock, Garrison, NY.jpg 01977-12-12 December 12, 1977 NY 9D
41°22′6″N 73°56′28″W / 41.36833°N 73.94111°W / 41.36833; -73.94111 (Castle Rock)
Garrison Eclectic mountaintop estate built by J. Morgan Slade for William Osborn in 1881; a major Hudson Highlands landmark ever since
5 H. D. Champlin & Son Horseshoeing and Wagonmaking HD Champlin store.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 286 Main St.
41°25′29″N 73°56′49″W / 41.42472°N 73.94694°W / 41.42472; -73.94694 (Champlin, H. D., & Son Horseshoeing and Wagonmaking)
Nelsonville Late 19th-century commercial structure preserved nearly intact
6 Cold Spring Cemetery Gatehouse Cold Spring Cemetery Gatehouse.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Peekshill Rd.
41°25′20″N 73°56′41″W / 41.42222°N 73.94472°W / 41.42222; -73.94472 (Cold Spring Cemetery Gatehouse)
Nelsonville 1862 Gothic Revival gatehouse with unusual roof styling; one of the earliest uses of that style in the Highlands
7 Cold Spring Historic District Main Street, Cold Spring NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Roughly Main, Fair, Chestnut Sts., and Paulding Ave.
41°25′4″N 73°57′15″W / 41.41778°N 73.95417°W / 41.41778; -73.95417 (Cold Spring Historic District)
Cold Spring Well-preserved core of late 19th-century riverside town
8 DeRham Farm DeRham Farm main house, Garrison, NY.jpg 01980-03-28 March 28, 1980 N of Garrison on Indian Brook Rd.
41°24′20″N 73°56′12″W / 41.40556°N 73.93667°W / 41.40556; -73.93667 (DeRham Farm)
Garrison Early 19th-century gentleman farmer's complex on Hudson
9 J. Y. Dykman Flour and Feed Store JY Dykman Flour and Feed Store.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 289 Main St.
41°25′28″N 73°56′48″W / 41.42444°N 73.94667°W / 41.42444; -73.94667 (Dykman, J. Y., Flour and Feed Store)
Nelsonville Most ornate commercial building in Nelsonville, dating to mid-19th century
10 J. Y. Dykman Store JY Dykman Store.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 255 Main St.
41°25′24″N 73°56′57″W / 41.42333°N 73.94917°W / 41.42333; -73.94917 (Dykman, J. Y., Store)
Nelsonville Ornate facade on ca. 1890 building now used as antique map store
11 Eagle's Rest Eagle's Rest main house, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°23′46″N 73°56′14″W / 41.39611°N 73.93722°W / 41.39611; -73.93722 (Eagle's Rest)
Philipstown Former estate of New York Yankees' owner Jacob Ruppert; now Saint Basil Academy
12 Fair Lawn Fair Lawn, Cold Spring, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°24′56″N 73°56′37″W / 41.41556°N 73.94361°W / 41.41556; -73.94361 (Fair Lawn)
Cold Spring 1860 home built for painter Thomas Prichard Rossiter; later modified by others.
13 First Baptist Church of Cold Spring First Baptist Church of Cold Spring, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Main St.
41°25′22″N 73°56′59″W / 41.42278°N 73.94972°W / 41.42278; -73.94972 (First Baptist Church of Cold Spring)
Nelsonville Built in 1833; oldest church building in Philipstown and only frame church in Hudson Highlands
14 First National Bank of Brewster First National Bank of Brewster.jpg 01988-01-07 January 7, 1988 Main St.
41°23′40″N 73°37′10″W / 41.39444°N 73.61944°W / 41.39444; -73.61944 (First National Bank of Brewster)
Brewster Intact Queen Anne-style building from late 19th century later used as by Southeast town hall; still home to some town departments
15 Fish and Fur Club Fish and Fur Club.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 258 Main St.
41°25′26″N 73°56′56″W / 41.42389°N 73.94889°W / 41.42389; -73.94889 (Fish and Fur Club)
Nelsonville 1905 rustic sportsmen's clubhouse is now Nelsonville Village Hall
16 Garrison Grist Mill Historic District Garrison Grist Mill cottage.jpg 01993-12-23 December 23, 1993 Jct. of NY 9D and Upper Station Rd.
41°22′30″N 73°56′46″W / 41.375°N 73.94611°W / 41.375; -73.94611 (Garrison Grist Mill Historic District)
Garrison Four colonial-era buildings, among the oldest in Garrison, preserved amid a golf course
17 Garrison Landing Historic District Garrison Landing, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Bounded by Hudson River and NY Central RR Tracks
41°22′58″N 73°56′52″W / 41.38278°N 73.94778°W / 41.38278; -73.94778 (Garrison Landing Historic District)
Garrison Mid-19th century commercial area by train station; used for Gay Nineties Yonkers in 1969 film version of Hello, Dolly
18 Garrison Union Free School Garrison Union Free School.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°22′49″N 73°56′20″W / 41.38028°N 73.93889°W / 41.38028; -73.93889 (Garrison Union Free School)
Garrison K-8 school built of local stone in 1908 to house public school that dates to 1793
19 Gilead Cemetery Gilead Cemetery gates, Carmel, NY.jpg 01988-12-01 December 1, 1988 Mechanic St.
41°24′30″N 73°40′25″W / 41.40833°N 73.67361°W / 41.40833; -73.67361 (Gilead Cemetery)
Carmel A century and a half of graves dating from mid-18th century, including Revolutionary War spy Enoch Crosby and politician Joel Frost; unusually large collection of funerary art illustrates changes in Protestant view of death.
20 Glenfields Glenfields, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Old Manitou Rd.
41°21′3″N 73°57′12″W / 41.35083°N 73.95333°W / 41.35083; -73.95333 (Glenfields)
Philipstown Ca. 1870 estate of Archibald Gracie King, designed by Cornwall firm Mead and Taft
21 The Grove 02008-11-21 November 21, 2008 12 Grove Ct.
41°25′8.04″N 73°57′0.36″W / 41.4189°N 73.9501°W / 41.4189; -73.9501 (Grove, The)
Cold Spring New listing; refnum# 08001080
22 House at 249 Main Street House at 249 Main Street, Nelsonville, NY.jpg 01989-07-31 July 31, 1989 249 Main St.
41°25′24″N 73°56′58″W / 41.42333°N 73.94944°W / 41.42333; -73.94944 (House at 249 Main Street)
Nelsonville Ca. 1870 home combines Italianate and Carpenter Gothic design elements
23 House at 3 Crown Street House at 3 Crown Street, Nelsonville, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 3 Crown St.
41°25′26″N 73°57′1″W / 41.42389°N 73.95028°W / 41.42389; -73.95028 (House at 3 Crown Street)
Nelsonville Sophisticated 1868 Italianate brick residence
24 Hurst-Pierrepont Estate 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°22′45″N 73°56′19″W / 41.37917°N 73.93861°W / 41.37917; -73.93861 (Hurst-Pierrepont Estate)
25 Hustis House Hustis House, Nelsonville, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 328 Main St.
41°25′37″N 73°56′32″W / 41.42694°N 73.94222°W / 41.42694; -73.94222 (Hustis House)
Nelsonville Intact late 19th-century foundry worker housing
26 Indian Brook Road Historic District Indian Brook Road, Garrison, NY.jpg 01993-08-19 August 19, 1993 Jct. of Indian Brook Rd. and US 9
41°24′55″N 73°54′54″W / 41.41528°N 73.915°W / 41.41528; -73.915 (Indian Brook Road Historic District)
Garrison Former rural hamlet of Nelson's Corner, one of the few pre-industrial ones with its plan and buildings largely intact
27 Mandeville House Mandeville House, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Lower Station Hill Rd.
41°22′36″N 73°56′43″W / 41.37667°N 73.94528°W / 41.37667; -73.94528 (Mandeville House)
Philipstown Built in 1735; oldest house in Garrison. Used as headquarters by Israel Putnam during Revolution; later home to Richard Upjohn, whose Gothic changes were mostly removed in the 1920s.
28 Manitoga Dragon Rock, Manitoga, 2009.jpg 01996-11-15 November 15, 1996 Jct. of NY 9D and Manitou Rd.
41°20′50″N 73°58′52″W / 41.34722°N 73.98111°W / 41.34722; -73.98111 (Manitoga)
Garrison Estate of 20th-century industrial designer Russel Wright features house designed to be sustainable and blend into landscape; one of the earliest American houses to do so. To date, Putnam County's only National Historic Landmark
29 Montrest Montrest, Nelsonville, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Late Gate Rd.
41°25′43″N 73°56′7″W / 41.42861°N 73.93528°W / 41.42861; -73.93528 (Montrest)
Philipstown 1868 summer home of New York City art dealer
30 Moore House 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Nelson Ln.
41°22′49″N 73°56′16″W / 41.38028°N 73.93778°W / 41.38028; -73.93778 (Moore House)
31 Normandy Grange Normandy Grange, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°23′31″N 73°55′53″W / 41.39194°N 73.93139°W / 41.39194; -73.93139 (Normandy Grange)
Philipstown Evans Dick liked this 1905 Norman-style gatehouse complex to his never-completed nearby estate more than the estate itself.
32 Old Albany Post Road Old Albany Post Road.jpg 01982-07-08 July 8, 1982 Off US 9
41°20′27″N 73°54′16″W / 41.34083°N 73.90444°W / 41.34083; -73.90444 (Old Albany Post Road)
Philipstown Unpaved 6.6-mile (10.6 km) section of original Albany Post Road, with original mileposts, dating to mid-17th century. One of the oldest dirt roads still in use in the U.S.
33 Old Southeast Church Old Southeast Church, Southeast, NY.jpg 01972-07-24 July 24, 1972 N of Brewster on NY 22 off Putnam Lake Rd.
41°25′53″N 73°34′29″W / 41.43139°N 73.57472°W / 41.43139; -73.57472 (Old Southeast Church)
Brewster 1794 church, renovated after 1830, is one of the few remaining buildings from Doanesville, commercial center of eastern county prior to railroad
34 Old Southeast Town Hall Old Southeast Town Hall.jpg 01979-07-24 July 24, 1979 Main St.
41°23′39″N 73°37′4″W / 41.39417°N 73.61778°W / 41.39417; -73.61778 (Old Southeast Town Hall)
Brewster Early yet mature Colonial Revival building with Moorish Revival touches with theatre upstairs; used today by town and community groups.
35 Oulagisket 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°22′34″N 73°56′10″W / 41.37611°N 73.93611°W / 41.37611; -73.93611 (Oulagisket)
36 Plumbush Plumbush.jpg 01992-01-30 January 30, 1992 NY 9D between Peekshill and Moffet Rds.
41°25′8″N 73°56′32″W / 41.41889°N 73.94222°W / 41.41889; -73.94222 (Plumbush)
Philipstown Home of Robert Parker Parrott, inventor of the Parrott gun
37 Putnam County Courthouse PC Courthouse 800.jpg 01976-08-11 August 11, 1976 At jct. of NY 52 and NY 301
41°25′34″N 73°40′44″W / 41.42611°N 73.67889°W / 41.42611; -73.67889 (Putnam County Courthouse)
Carmel 1814 courthouse, still used for some court offices, is second-oldest county courthouse in state still in use
38 Reed Memorial Library Reed Memorial Library, Carmel, NY.jpg 01980-03-28 March 28, 1980 2 Brewster Ave.
41°25′19″N 73°40′42″W / 41.42194°N 73.67833°W / 41.42194; -73.67833 (Reed Memorial Library)
Carmel Stone Tudorbethan building erected in memory of local construction executive and benefactor; oldest library building in county
39 Rock Lawn and Carriage House 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°22′51″N 73°56′41″W / 41.38083°N 73.94472°W / 41.38083; -73.94472 (Rock Lawn and Carriage House)
40 St. Andrew's Episcopal Church St Andrew's Episcopal Church, Brewster, NY.jpg 01998-11-23 November 23, 1998 26 Prospect St.
41°23′51″N 73°37′2″W / 41.3975°N 73.61722°W / 41.3975; -73.61722 (St. Andrew's Episcopal Church)
Brewster 1903 Gothic Revival church built with donation from wealthy local benefactor; only stone church in eastern Putnam County
41 St. Philip's Church in the Highlands St Philip's Church of the Highlands.jpg 01995-10-11 October 11, 1995 NY 9D
41°22′55″N 73°56′23″W / 41.38194°N 73.93972°W / 41.38194; -73.93972 (St. Philip's Church in the Highlands)
Garrison 1850 Richard Upjohn-designed church; second on site where congregation dates to 1760s. Earlier church supposedly saved from destruction by Patriot mob through personal intervention of George Washington
42 Taconic State Parkway Taconic State Parkway4.jpg 02005-12-08 December 8, 2005
41°24′59.13″N 73°46′59.52″W / 41.416425°N 73.7832°W / 41.416425; -73.7832 (Taconic State Parkway)
Linear north-south across center of county Putnam Valley, Carmel, Kent Scenic divided highway planned by Franklin D. Roosevelt for state park access. Built between 1920s and early 1960s, epitomizing peak period of parkway design.
43 Walter Thompson House and Carriage House 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Philipsebrook Rd.
41°23′1″N 73°55′56″W / 41.38361°N 73.93222°W / 41.38361; -73.93222 (Thompson, Walter, House and Carriage House)
44 Tompkins Corners United Methodist Church 01983-03-31 March 31, 1983 Peekskill Hollow Rd.
41°24′0″N 73°48′6″W / 41.4°N 73.80167°W / 41.4; -73.80167 (Tompkins Corners United Methodist Church)
Putnam Valley
45 U.S. Military Academy SR01 032.jpg 01966-10-15 October 15, 1966 NY 218
41°23′43″N 73°58′18″W / 41.39528°N 73.97167°W / 41.39528; -73.97167 (U.S. Military Academy)
West Point Oldest continuously-operated military post in U.S., and alma mater of many notable American generals and Army officers.
46 Walker House Walker House, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Cat Rock Rd.
41°22′23″N 73°56′2″W / 41.37306°N 73.93389°W / 41.37306; -73.93389 (Walker House)
Garrison 1890 Queen Anne given by rail magnate Samuel Sloan to his daughter
47 West Point Foundry House of foundry cofounder William Kemble 01973-04-11 April 11, 1973 Foundry Cove between NY 90 and NY Central RR tracks
41°24′51″N 73°57′12″W / 41.41417°N 73.95333°W / 41.41417; -73.95333 (West Point Foundry)
Cold Spring Makers of cannon for U.S. Army through 19th century; director was Robert Parrott. Major reason for growth of Cold Spring and Nelsonville
48 West Point Foundry Archeological Site 02010-02-25 February 25, 2010 Address Restricted Cold Spring New listing; refnum 10000059
49 Wilson House Wilson House, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 Lower Station Rd.
41°22′35″N 73°56′50″W / 41.37639°N 73.94722°W / 41.37639; -73.94722 (Wilson House)
Garrison Mid-19th century cottage has finest Carpenter Gothic detailing in the Hudson Highlands
50 Woodlawn Woodlawn, Garrison, NY.jpg 01982-11-23 November 23, 1982 NY 9-D
41°23′28″N 73°56′16″W / 41.39111°N 73.93778°W / 41.39111; -73.93778 (Woodlawn)
Garrison 1854 Richard Upjohn estate house on river, later used as school and now home of the Hastings Center

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  1. ^ The latitude and longitude information provided in this table was derived originally from the National Register Information System, which has been found to be fairly accurate for about 99% of listings. For about 1% of NRIS original coordinates, experience has shown that one or both coordinates are typos or otherwise extremely far off; some corrections may have been made. A more subtle problem causes many locations to be off by up to 150 yards, depending on location in the country: most NRIS coordinates were derived from tracing out latitude and longitudes off of USGS topographical quadrant maps created under the North American Datum of 1927, which differs from the current, highly accurate WGS84 GPS system used by Google maps. Chicago is about right, but NRIS longitudes in Washington are higher by about 4.5 seconds, and are lower by about 2.0 seconds in Maine. Latitudes differ by about 1.0 second in Florida. Some locations in this table may have been corrected to current GPS standards.
  2. ^ "National Register of Historic Places: Weekly List Actions". National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior. Retrieved on November 18, 2011.

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