Serbian nationality law

Serbian nationality law

Serbian nationality law defines who is legally a citizen of Serbia.

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In 2004 the National Assembly of Serbia passed a nationality law, which states that any foreign national with Serbian descent, is eligible for attaining Serbian citizenship. The Law also allows dual citizenship, meaning that a person can retain his or her old citizenship and still get a Serbian one, as long as his or her own country allows dual citizenship as well.[1]

The 2007 amendments, made ethnic Serbs residing outside Serbia eligible for citizenship. These amendments, adopted after the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006 also allowed citizens of Montenegro living in Serbia to receive citizenship, if they submit the request within a 5 year period.[2]


Acquisition of citizenship

  • Acquiring citizenship by descent
  • Acquiring citizenship by birth in the territory of Serbia
  • Acquiring citizenship by admission (naturalization)

Termination of citizenship

  • Termination of citizenship by release
  • Termination of citizenship by renunciation
  • Reacquisition of citizenship by the Republic of Serbia

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Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Serbia

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