Mongolian nationality law

Mongolian nationality law
The flag of Mongolia

The Mongolian nationality law is a nationality law determines who is a citizen of Mongolia.


Current law

Current citizenship law is guided by the 1992 Constitution of Mongolia and, more importantly, the Law of Mongolia on Citizenship.[1][2]

Obtaining citizenship

If both of the parents of a child are Mongolian - irrespective of where the child is born - than the child is automatically Mongolian. A child born to one Mongolian parent inside of Mongolia is also considered Mongolian.

A child who is within the territory of Mongolia whose parents are not identified is a Mongolian citizen.[2]

Foreigners may apply for citizenship through the President's office as well, or through a Mongolian embassy.[3]

Mongolians who are adopted by foreigners have "the right to choose his/her own nationality" according to the Family law of Mongolia, Chapter 7, Article 58.9.[4]


Before 1992, in the Mongolian People's Republic, citizenship by birth was determined by the nationality of the parents.[5] Any child born anywhere with at least one parent with Mongolian citizenship is also a citizen of Mongolia. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, dual citizenship between the two countries was accepted. The statute was agreed upon by the Mongolian Council of Ministers on 30 December 1974, and detailed further by an Instruction on the Fulfillment of the Statute confirmed on 11 April 1975.[5]

Loss of citizenship

Citizenship can be renounced through the President's Office.[6] However, the Mongolian government has been historically unwilling to let educated Mongolians renounce their citizenship.[7]

The involuntary loss of citizenship - exile - is banned under the constitution.[1][6]


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