Maidens and Dunure Light Railway

Maidens and Dunure Light Railway
Maidens and Dunure Light Railway
Continuation backward
- - Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Station on track
Unknown BSicon "xABZlf" Track turning from right
Alloway Junction
Unknown BSicon "exSTR" Continuation forward
- - Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exTUNNEL1"
Tunnel under Alloway Kirk
Unknown BSicon "exWBRÜCKE"
River Doon
Unknown BSicon "exABZlf" Unknown BSicon "exKDSTr"
Greenan Castle
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Heads of Ayr Holiday Camp
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Heads of Ayr
Unknown BSicon "exWBRÜCKE"
Dunduff Burn
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exBRÜCKE"
Croy Glen
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exBRÜCKE"
Rancleugh Glen
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Balchriston Level Crossing Halt
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exBHF"
Unknown BSicon "exDST"
Unknown BSicon "exSTR" Continuation backward
- - Maybole and Girvan Railway
Unknown BSicon "xABZrg" Track turning right
Girvan Junction
Station on track
Continuation forward
- - Girvan and Portpatrick Railway

The Maidens and Dunure Light Railway was a light railway worked by the Glasgow and South Western Railway in Ayrshire, Scotland connecting the stations in Ayr and Girvan following a coastal route via Turnberry.



The line was incorporated under a Light Railway Order by Act of Parliament on 30 September 1899,[1] and opened to traffic on 17 May 1906.[1] The line was twenty miles in length from Alloway Junction, south of Ayr station, to Girvan Junction, north of Girvan station.[1] It had a short life with the passenger service between Turnberry and Ayr withdrawn on 1 December 1930,[1] however the line was reopened briefly as far as Heads of Ayr between 4 July 1932 and 31 May 1933.[1] The remaining line south of Turnberry closed to passengers on 2 March 1942.[1]

On 17 May 1947 the line was reopened again to a new Heads of Ayr station serving the then new Butlins holiday camp.[2]

In 1955 the freight service south of Heads of Ayr was withdrawn, with the remaining freight working ceasing in 1959. The remaining passenger service to Heads of Ayr ceased on 14 September 1968.[1]



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