Maybole and Girvan Railway

Maybole and Girvan Railway
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Maybole Junction
Straight track Unknown BSicon "exKBHFe"
Maybole (old)
Station on track
Maybole (new)
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Bargany Coal Mine
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Grangeston Halt
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Girvan Junction
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Girvan (Old)
Station on track
Girvan (New)
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- - Girvan and Portpatrick Junction Railway

Maybole and Girvan Junction Railway is an historic railway in Scotland.


Route description

The line runs in a general southwesterly direction from Maybole through farmed countryside to Girvan, a fishing port on the Irish Sea. It passes a former coal mine at Bargany. The line consists of a single track with a passing siding at Kilkerran. Part of the line was once double track.


The line was founded in 1856 by an act of Royal assent. On 24 May 1860 the line opened between Maybole Junction and Girvan. In 1865, the entire railway was absorbed into the Glasgow and South Western Railway. Girvan station closed in 1892 and became a goods depot. DMUs started operating over the line between Glasgow and Stranraer in 1959.

Connections to other lines

Current operations

As of 2002, passenger trains operate over the line from Ayr to Girvan along with other services from Glasgow to Stranraer and Newcastle to Stranraer operated by ScotRail. There is no regular freight service. In the current timetable (May 2008), there is a (roughly) two-hourly service each way on weekdays, with a limited service (three northbound and two southbound) on Sundays.


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