Chimera (comics)

Chimera (comics)
Chimera from Uncanny X-Men #503
Art by Greg Land
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Wolverine vol. 2 #97
In-story information
Species Extradimensional Mutate
Team affiliations Sisterhood of Mutants
Partnerships Dirtnap
  • Ability to generate telekinetic dragon-shaped flares which can harm targets on multiple planes
  • Telepathy

Chimera is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Her first appearance was in Wolverine vol. 2 #97.


Fictional character biography

Chimera first encountered Wolverine whilst she was gaining information on him and his feral regressive state. She assisted the self-styled heir of Apocalypse, Genesis, with Wolverine's capture when Genesis wanted to brainwash Wolverine to be his first Horseman. They attempted to re-bond the adamantium to Wolverine's skeleton which had been removed by Magneto but the process failed. Wolverine's body violently expelled the metal, killing most of Genesis' followers, the Dark Riders. Dirtnap—one of the only Dark Riders to survive—teamed up with Chimera to get revenge on Wolverine.[volume & issue needed]

The two villains began to scheme and came up with a plan for vengeance. Chimera encountered Wolverine once again when he and Venom (along with some others, most notably Scream) were lured into a trap set by her and Dirtnap. She and Dirtnap were both seemingly killed in an implosion[disambiguation needed ], but they survived and re-appeared in Emplate's dimensional nexus.[volume & issue needed]

Teaming up, the villains attacked the Generation X school in an attempt to kidnap the M twins, but to defend themselves the twins merged back into M and then merged with Emplate, creating the being known as M-Plate. Chimera then captured Synch and fled along with M-Plate. Synch was later rescued by Generation X.[volume & issue needed]

Sisterhood of Mutants

Chimera is next seen in Madripoor killing drug runners. She is approached by the Red Queen to join her Sisterhood of Mutants.[1]

She is seen with the Red Queen and Martinique Jason asking Spiral and Lady Deathstrike to join the Sisterhood. The Sisterhood also approach Lady Mastermind, who is at a graveyard mourning her father.[volume & issue needed]

Later in Japan they dig up Kwannon's body and confront Domino who is there on other business. Domino critically injures her but she gets away with the rest of the Sisterhood and Kwannon's body. After the Red Queen heals her, the Sisterhood perform a spell involving Kwannon's body and a captive Psylocke, returning her to her original body.[2] The Sisterhood then attack the X-Men. Chimera, along with Martinique, attacks Northstar, Cyclops and Dazzler.[3] After taking the adult X-Men out, she tries to attack Armor and X-23 only for the girls to be teleported out by Pixie. Pixie goes and fetches the Stepford Cuckoos and Elixir and Chimera attacks the Cuckoo's who respond by savagely beating her.[4]

Spiral then teleports the Sisterhood back to there base where they split up with Chimera going with the Red Queen to Jean Grey's burial site. There she attacks Domino only to be beaten by Colossus. When the Red Queen is defeated, Spiral teleports the Sisterhood away.[5]

Powers and abilities

Chimera can generate dragon-shaped flares of greenish-transparent ectoplasmic energy to strike her enemies on various planes of being (i.e. physical, astral, etc.).

She has used the energy to move objects like telekinesis and also has some low-level telepathic abilities that allow her to sense astral projections and if she is being watched from behind.

She is experienced in interdimensional travel and the use of weapons and technology from other dimensions.

Other characters

There are several other characters named Chimera in the Marvel Universe.


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