Amiko Kobayashi

Amiko Kobayashi


character_name=Amiko Kobayashi
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Uncanny X-Men" #181 (May, 1984)
creators= Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita (pencils)
full_name=Amiko Kobayashi
supports=Wolverine, X-Men, Yukio, Mariko Yashida
relatives=Wolverine (adopted father), Mariko Yashida (adopted mother, deceased), Yukio (surrogate mother), unknown parents (deceased) |

Amiko Kobayashi is a fictional character in the Marvel universe. She is of Japanese origin. Amiko is a supporting character of the X-Men but most often allied with Wolverine.

Fictional character biography

Amiko found herself orphaned when she and her mother were caught in a battle between the X-Men and a dragon. Discovering the dying woman and her young daughter, Wolverine promised that the girl would be raised as though she were his own child.

Feeling that he couldn't promise Amiko a safe life if he raised her himself, Wolverine has entrusted her upbringing to several others, circumstances meaning he has had to change her living arrangements multiple times.

Wolverine left Amiko in the care of his fiance Mariko Yashida until her death, then entrusted her to an adoption agency until he found that her new foster parents were abusive, at which point he took her from their care and entrusted her to an old friend, Yukio. Wolverine brokered a deal with the Silver Samurai to protect Amiko and Yukio, and to settle any legal problems regarding the adoption.

Despite the Samurai's protection, Amiko has become a target for Wolverine's enemies on several occasions, even having been killed by Sabretooth once, though she was soon revived. Though Amiko loves Wolverine, she sometimes resents how infrequently he spends time with her.

Recently, in the limited series Wolverine: Soultaker, Amiko discovered that her mother belonged to a family of warriors called the Shosei and now spends time with them trying to improve her martial arts skills, and hoping to make her adoptive father Logan proud of her.

Other versions

*Amiko so far had one alternate appearance, namely in the miniseries . There, Amiko was believed dead for years by Logan. In reality, she had been brainwashed into becoming an agent of the Hellfire Club called Midnight. When Wolverine discovered about this, Amiko was an adult and truly evil. However, with the aid of telepath Emma Frost, Logan was able to defeat Amiko in battle and restore her sanity.

Full name

In the comics, Amiko has never been given a surname at this point. However, in the recent Marvel Comics Handbooks, her surname has been revealed to be Kobayashi.

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