Albert (comics)

Albert (comics)


caption=Albert (left) with Elsie-Dee
publisher=Marvel Comics
debut="Wolverine" Vol.2 #37
creators=Larry Hama (story),
Marc Silvestri (art)
powers=Superhuman strength, computational, analytical and creative reasoning abilities|

Albert is a fictional character appearing in Marvel Comics, and an ally of Wolverine. The character first appeared in "Wolverine" vol. 2 #37 suspended in a tank of liquid. Albert is a sapient automaton or android.

Fictional character biography

Albert (a robot double of Wolverine) was created along with his counterpart, Elsie-Dee, by Donald Pierce. These androids were designed to kill Wolverine. The Wolverine double was to act as the bait and Elsie-Dee (who outwardly appears to be a 5 year old girl) was to trap Wolverine in a burning building were she would detonate with sufficient force to kill him. Initially, Albert had a primitive artificial brain with limited higher logic functions and no emotions, and he was not referred to as Albert, but as "Dummy".

Pierce's plan to kill Wolverine failed because one of the Reavers, Bonebreaker, accidentally gave Elsie-Dee the maximum artificial intelligence one of Pierce's automatons was capable of. As a result Elsie-Dee eventually found a way to defuse her detonation sequence and enhanced the primitive intelligence of her counterpart, giving him intelligence beyond even hers. It was at this point that Elsie named him Albert, after Albert Einstein. Having met Wolverine, he and his counterpart decided that he was a noble person and did not deserve to die and consequently abandoned their mission.

The two robots risked their artificial lives several times for each other and for Wolverine. At some point they travelled in time and had several adventures, even teaming up with an old enemy of Wolverine's, Bloodscream. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers and abilities

Albert was superhumanly strong, could interface directly with computers, and had an intellect greater than his designer, Donald Pierce. Albert had 3 retractable claws on each hand, just as Wolverine (but not adamantium). Albert not only had technological knowledge centuries beyond conventional science (which he was capable of making significant progress in), but also perfect photographic recall and profuse knowledge of even the most obscure facets of history. Albert reinforced his construction with bullet proof armor and stole a stealth fighter, which he and Elsie-Dee may still be in possession of. Although Albert was initially designed to fight Wolverine he had limited fighting skills.

Other versions


In "Exiles" #85 the Timebroker gathered multiple teams – each full of Wolverines – to finish the repairing of the broken realities. The last team he gathered consisted a version of Albert and Elsie-Dee from Earth-50211. The first mission of the team was to kill an evil Magneto (female) who melded with that world's Wolverine, Quicksilver (female), Scarlet Warlock (male Scarlet Witch), and Mesmero (female), and already captured (and manipulated) dozens of Wolverines from the previous teams. When they've arrived they were ambushed immediately and both of them were captured, as well as two of their teammates.

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