Diocese of Pannonia

Diocese of Pannonia
Dioecesis Pannoniarum
Diocese of Pannonia
Diocese of the Roman Empire
Capital Sirmium
Historical era Late Antiquity
 - Established 314
 - conquest by the Huns 440s
Diocese of Pannonia in 300 AD
Diocese of Illyricum (Diocese of Pannonia) in 400 AD

The Diocese of Pannonia (Latin: Dioecesis Pannoniarum, lit. "Diocese of the Pannonias"), from 379 known as the Diocese of Illyricum, was a diocese of the Late Roman Empire. The seat of the vicarius (governor of the diocese) was Sirmium.



It was originally part of the praetorian prefecture of Italy,[citation needed] and later part of the praetorian prefecture of Illyricum. After the latter's partition in 379, it was again joined to the Prefecture of Italy as the Diocese of Illyricum.

The Diocese of Pannonia was one of the two dioceses in the eastern quarters of the Tetrarchy not belonging to the cultural Greek half of the empire (the other was Dacia), and was transferred to the Western Empire at the death of Theodosius I in 395. In 425 Galla Placidia gave the diocese of Illyricum to Eastern Emperor Theodosius II. Its ultimate fate is uncertain. Pannonia was lost to the Huns in the 440s, although Dalmatia was retained by the Western Empire until ca. 480. The Ostrogoth king of Italy Theodoric the Great conquered Pannonia in the early 6th century, possibly reestablishing the diocese.


The Diocese of Pannonia included the Roman provinces of Pannonia Prima, Pannonia Valeria, Pannonia Savia, Pannonia Secunda, Noricum Mediterraneum, Noricum Ripensis and Dalmatia.

List of known Vicars

  • Valerius Licinius (308-314).

Later usage of the term

In the 9th century, Diocese of Pannonia was also a name of the ecclesiastical territory of the Christian church whose archbishop was Saint Methodius. [1]


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