Bush family

Bush family
The Bush Family
George W. Bush and family.jpg

The Bush family in the Red Room of the White House (January 2005). Seated left to right: Marvin Bush, Laura Bush, George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, George H. W. Bush, Jeb Bush. Also pictured, from left: Georgia Grace Koch, Margaret Bush, Brian Berzins Walker Bush, Jenna Bush, Doro Bush, Barbara Pierce Bush, Robert P. Koch, Pierce Bush, Maria Bush, Neil Bush, Ashley Bush, Sam LeBlond, Bobby Koch, Nancy Ellis LeBlond, Mandi Bush, George P. Bush, and Columba Bush.
Ethnicity Primarily English and German descent
Current region Texas, United States
Place of origin  United States
Notable members Samuel Prescott Bush
Prescott Bush
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Connected families Sheldon, Walker, Pierce, Welch, Hager, Kerry, Obama
Estate Bush compound

The Bush family is a prominent American family. Along with many members who have been successful bankers and businessmen, across three generations the family includes two U.S. Senators, one Supreme Court Justice, two Governors, one Vice President and two Presidents. George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Pierce Bush have been married for 66 years, holding the record for the longest-married presidential couple. Peter Schweizer, author of a biography of the family, has described the Bushes as "the most successful political dynasty in American history".[1] According to some online sources,[2][3] the Bush family is of primarily English and German descent.


Family tree

The following is a selective family tree of notable members of the modern Bush family:

Timothy Bush, Jr.
Lydia Newcomb
Obadiah Newcomb Bush (1797-1851
Harriet Smith
James Smith Bush
Harriet Fay
Samuel P. Bush
Flora Sheldon
Prescott Sheldon Bush
Dorothy Walker Bush
Robert Sheldon Bush
Mary Eleanor Bush
Margaret Livingston Bush
James Smith Bush
Prescott Sheldon Bush, Jr.
George H. W. Bush
Barbara Bush
Nancy Walker Bush
William Henry Trotter Bush
Jonathan James Bush
Josephine Bush
George W. Bush
Laura Bush
Pauline Robinson "Robin" Bush
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
Columba Bush
Neil Mallon Bush
Sharon Smith Bush
Marvin Pierce Bush
Dorothy Bush Koch
Billy Bush
Jonathan S. Bush
Barbara Pierce Bush
Jenna Bush Hager
Henry Chase Hager
George Prescott Bush
John Ellis "Jebby" Bush, Jr.
Noelle Lucila Bush
Lauren Bush-Lauren
Sam LeBlond
Ellie LeBlond
Robert Koch
Gigi Koch
Josie Bush (Billy Bush)
Mary Bush (Billy Bush)
Bradley Bush(Billy Bush)
Lillie Bush (Billy Bush)
The George Bush family in the early-mid 1960s. In the front row, from left to right, stand Neil Bush, Marvin Bush, and Jeb Bush. In the back row are Dorothy Bush Koch, George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and George H. W. Bush.
  • Samuel P. Bush (1863–1948), a close adviser to President Hoover, was president of the Ohio Association of Manufacturers and a major Columbus industrialist. He also served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (as well as of the Huntington National Bank of Columbus).
  • Flora Sheldon (1872–1920), the wife of Samuel P. Bush, married June 20, 1894 and mother to Prescott Bush.
    • Prescott Bush (1895–1972), Samuel P. Bush's son, served as a US Senator from Connecticut.
    • Dorothy Wear Walker Bush (1901–1992), the wife of Prescott, was the daughter of George Herbert Walker of the well-connected Walker family of bankers and businessmen
      • Prescott Bush, Jr.[4] (1922–2010), Prescott Bush's eldest son, served as chairman of the U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce.
      • George H. W. Bush (born 1924), Prescott Bush Sr.'s second son, was the 41st US President, Vice-President of the United States under Ronald Reagan, a Congressman from Houston, and Central Intelligence Agency director, and also held other political and diplomatic posts. Before his political career he was in the oil business in Texas.
      • Barbara Pierce Bush (born 1925), the daughter of publisher Marvin Pierce, was First Lady of the US and Second Lady of the US during her husband's terms.
        • George W. Bush (born 1946), George H.W. Bush's eldest son, was the 43rd President of the United States and was the 46th Governor of Texas.
        • Laura Welch Bush (born 1946), the wife of George W., was the First Lady and a former teacher.
          • Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Welch Hager, née Bush (born 1981), George W. Bush's twin daughters.
          • Henry Chase Hager (born 1981), wed to Jenna Hager.
        • Pauline Robinson Bush (1949–1953), George H. W. Bush's second child and first daughter, died of leukemia.
        • Jeb Bush (born 1953), George H.W. Bush's second son, was the 43rd Governor of Florida. Married to Columba Bush.
          • George P. Bush (born 1976), son of Jeb Bush, works for Charter Holdings, a real estate investment company. Married to Amanda Williams.
          • Noelle Bush (born 1977)
          • Jeb Bush, Jr. (born 1983) is attending the University of Texas.
        • Neil Bush (born 1955), third son of George H. W. Bush and brother of President George W. Bush, is a businessman. Currently married to Maria Bush (as of 2004). Early married to Sharon Smith, divorce in April 2003.
          • Lauren Bush-Lauren (born 1984), model for Tommy Hilfiger, daughter of Neil Bush and Sharon Smith.
          • Ashley Bush, daughter of Neil Bush and Sharon Smith
          • Pierce M. Bush son of Neil Bush and Sharon Smith
        • Marvin Bush (born 1956), a venture capitalist, fourth son of George H. W. Bush, and brother of President George W. Bush. Married to Margaret Conway (née Molster)
          • They have two children, adopted: a daughter, Marshall, and a son, Walker
        • Dorothy Bush Koch (born 1959), second daughter of George H. W. Bush and sister of President George W. Bush. Married to Bobby Koch, wine lobbyist. Children are Sam and Ellie LeBlond, Robert and Gigi Koch.
      • Nancy Walker Bush Ellis (born 1926), Prescott Bush Sr.'s third child, and the only daughter.
      • Jonathan Bush (born 1931), Prescott Bush Sr.'s fourth child, banker
      • William H.T. Bush (born 1938), Prescott Bush Sr.'s fifth child, banker and executive


Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, Laura Bush, and George W. Bush, and Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller watch tee ball on the White House lawn.

Patrilineal line

  • Richard Bush (c. 1696–1732 in Bristol, Plymouth Colony) is believed to be the earliest known patrilineal member of the Bush family. He lived in North America.
  • Obadiah Newcomb Bush (January 28, 1797–1851) was the son of blacksmith Timothy Bush, Jr. and Lydia Newcomb, and was born in Penfield, New York on January 28, 1797. He left home during the War of 1812 and married Harriet Smith (1800–1867) (Cambridge, New York, May 12, 1800 – Cincinnati, Ohio, June 21, 1867), the daughter of Dr. Sanford Smith (1760–1815) (Stonington, Connecticut, February 27, 1760 – Scipio, New York, June 15, 1815) and his wife Priscilla Whippo Smith (1763–1838) (Cambridge, New York, c. 1763 – Pottstown, Pennsylvania, August 26, 1838), in Rochester, New York on November 8, 1821. He and his wife had seven children. Through his son Reverend James Smith Bush (1825–1889), he is the great-great-grandfather of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and the great-great-great-grandfather of President George W. Bush. In Rochester, Obadiah was employed as a schoolmaster and was also a well known abolitionist. He served as vice president of the Anti-Slavery Society and was on a committee to nominate candidates for justice of the peace. His brother Henry, a manufacturer of stoves, was also well known for his involvement in abolitionist activities. He was a participant in the Underground Railroad, and even petitioned the New York State Legislature to secede from the Union in a protest against slavery. The Rochester Daily Advertiser accused him of encouraging "anarchy." Eventually Obadiah, Henry and possibly another brother or two went off to find their fortunes in the California Gold Rush of 1849. After two years of toiling in California he began passage home, by ship, to retrieve his family in New York. He died, however, aboard ship and was given a sea burial. According to the book The Faith of George W. Bush: "[He] left his home during the War of 1812, became a schoolmaster, then caught gold fever and left for California during the Gold Rush of 1849. Two years later, he tried to return home to reclaim his family and take them west. He died in the attempt, though, and was buried at sea. leaving his wife and seven children alone in Rochester, New York."

Other notable relatives

Connections to other prominent families

George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush in Beijing, 2008

Walker family

George Herbert "Bert" Walker (1875–1953) was a wealthy American banker and businessman. His daughter Dorothy married Prescott Bush, making him the grandfather of the 41st President George H. W. Bush and the great-grandfather of the 43rd President George W. Bush. He is also the namesake of the Walker Cup, a men's amateur golf trophy contested in odd-numbered years between a U.S. team and a combined Great Britain and Ireland side.

Fish family

Samuel Prescott Bush married Flora Sheldon, who had a common ancestor with the Fishes (e.g. Hamilton Fish) and the Keans (e.g. Thomas Kean). Their common ancestor was the famed Robert Livingston the Elder.[13]

Pierce family

First Lady Barbara Bush (née Pierce), the wife of George H. W. Bush (the 41st President of the United States) and the mother of George W. Bush (the 43rd President), is descended from a second cousin of Franklin Pierce (14th President).[13]

Other U.S. presidents

President George W. Bush is related to other presidents as well as Pierce, to whom he is also related on his father's side via Daniel Brewer. He is also a cousin of Washington (via Hutchinsons), Adams (via Prescotts link to Hoar, through Abigail Adams wife of John Adams),[14] Fillmore (via Millards), Lincoln (via Gilmans), Grant (via Lathrops), Hayes (via Smiths, Footes, Parmelees, and Huckinses), Garfield (via Wheelers, Carpenters, Cookes, Warrens, Holbrooks, and Arnolds), Cleveland (via Smiths and Stanleys), Theodore Roosevelt (via Schuylers), Taft (via Holbrooks, Thayers, Haywards, Cookes, Footes, Ravenses, Waterses, and Shermans), Coolidge (via Phillipses, Hortons, Garnseys, Pulsiphers, Ravenses, Richardsons, Moores, Bulkeleys, and Morses), Hoover (via Brookses, Reades, Wheelers, Richardsons, and Shermans), Franklin Roosevelt (via Beekmans, Hutchinsons, Popes, Jenneys, Richardses, Palgraves, Lathrops, and Howlands), Nixon (via Lippincotts, Footes, Traverses, Morses, and Howlands), Ford (via Vanderburghs, Wheelers, Marvins, Gilmans, and Howlands) and Obama (via Hinckleys). Barbara Pierce Bush is a distant niece of Franklin Pierce.[13]

Barack Obama

George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. president, and Barack Obama, the 44th president, are 11th cousins through Samuel and Sarah Soole Hinckley of 17th-century Massachusetts.[15]

Kerry family

George W. Bush and his opponent in the 2004 U.S. Presidential election John Kerry share a common ancestor in Edmund Reade (1563–1623) and his wife Elizabeth Cooke. Bush and Kerry are 9th cousins, twice removed.[16]

Sir Winston Churchill

Former President George W. Bush is related to Winston Churchill three ways: through the Coes of New York, the Sumners of Massachusetts, and the Shermans of Rhode Island.[13]

The Mayflower pilgrims

George W. Bush is descended from Mayflower passengers John Howland, John Tilley, Henry Sampson, and probably Francis Cooke.[13]

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