Maithili Express

Maithili Express

Maithili express is normal mail/express type train of Indian Railways connecting Kolkata with Darbhanga.It covers a distance of 539 Kilometers at average speed of 49 Kmph.General,AC two tier,Ac three tier,Sleeper type of classes are there in this train,all the classes except general requires prior reservations.No Pantry car is there in this train, Tatkal scheme is available.It is hauled by WAM 4, WAP 4 and WDM 3A class of locos.

Important halts

Kolkata Railway Station, Burdwan, Asansol, Jhajha, Barauni Jn., Samastipur Jn., Darbhanga Jn.


  • 15233 Maithili express departs Kolkata station at 10:40 on Monday,Thursday and reaches Darbhanga at 22:15 same day.
  • 15234 Maithili express departs Darbhanga at 16:10 on Wednesday,Saturday and reaches Kolkata station at 3:10 next day.


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