Mexico–Russia relations

Mexico–Russia relations
Mexican-Russian relations
Map indicating locations of Mexico and Russia



Mexican-Russian relations are good and constructive. Diplomatic relations between both countries were established in 1890. Mexico has an embassy in Moscow. Russia has an embassy in Mexico City. Both countries are members of APEC.



The Soviet Union had established diplomatic relations with Mexico on August 4, 1924 (severed on January 26, 1930, and then restored on November 10—12, 1942). Leon Trotsky moved to Mexico from Norway during his exile. Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas welcomed him warmly, even arranging for a special train to bring him to Mexico City from the port of Tampico. In Mexico, Trotsky at one point lived at the home of the painter Diego Rivera, and at another at that of Rivera's wife & fellow painter, Frida Kahlo with whom he had an affair.[1]


Due to its good relations with Russia, Mexico has purchased various military equipment. The Mexican Navy has received BTR-60's Ural-4320, Mi-17/8's, and 9K38 Igla anti-aircraft missiles. Currently all of the equipment is still in service.


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