Minister of Foreign Affairs (Russia)

Minister of Foreign Affairs (Russia)

This is a list of foreign ministers of Tsardom of Russia, Russian Empire, Soviet Union, and Russian Federation.


Heads of Posolsky Prikaz, 1549-1699

  • Ivan Viskovatyi 1549-62
  • Andrey Vasilyev 1562-1570
  • Brothers Vasily and Andrey Shchelkalov 1570-1601
  • Afanasy Vlasyev 1601-05
  • Ivan Gramotin 1605-06
  • Vasily Telepnev 1606-10
  • Ivan Gramotin 1610-12
  • Pyotr Tretyakov 1613-18
  • Ivan Gramotin 1618-26
  • Efim Telepnev 1626-30
  • Fedor Likhachov 1630-31
  • Ivan Gryazev 1632-34
  • Ivan Gramotin 1634-35
  • Fedor Likhachov 1635-43
  • Grigory Lvov 1643-46
  • Nazary Chistoy 1647-48
  • Mikhail Volosheninov 1648-53
  • Almaz Ivanov 1653-67
  • Afanasy Ordin-Nashchokin 1667-71
  • Artamon Matveyev 1671-76
  • Larion Ivanov 1676-80
  • Vasily Volynsky 1680-82
  • Vasily Galitzine 1682-89
  • Emelian Ukraintsev 1689-99
  • Lev Naryshkin 1697-99

Chancellors and vice-chancellors of the Russian Empire, 1699-1801

Foreign ministers of the Russian Empire, 1801-1917

Foreign Ministers of the Russian Provisional Government, 1917

Foreign Ministers of Russia during the civil war

Foreign Ministers of the Soviet Union, 1922-91

Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation, 1992-

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