Muhammad ibn Ismail

Muhammad ibn Ismail

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Muhammad ash-Shakir
Imam of Ismaili Shi'a Islam

Rank Seventh Nizari Imām
Eighth Mustaali Imām
Name Muhammad ibn Ismail
Birth 122 AH
740 A.D.
Death 197 AH
813 A.D.
Birthplace Medina
Buried Salamiyah, Syria
Life Duration Before Imamate: 36 years
(122 - 158)
Imamate: 39 years
(158 - 197 AH)
Titles ash-Shakir
Spouse(s) Fatima
Father Ismail bin Jafar
Mother ???
Children Wafi Ahmad (successor), Jafar, Ismail, Ali, Hussain, Abdullah, Yahya

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Muhammad ibn Ismail was the son of Ismail ibn Jafar and an Ismaili Imam. The majority of Ismaili follow his descendants through his son Wafi Ahmad / Abdullah ibn Mohammad who founded the Fatimid Empire, including the Nizari and Mustaali.


He was born on 12 th Rabi ' al- Awwal 128 AH/746 AD. The period of his Imaamat is 45 years. He died on 11 th Shawwal 193 AH/27 July 809 AD in the region of Farghana.

He spent his early childhood under the protection of his grandfather Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as). He stayed in Medina for most of the time under disguise. Only the selected missionaries (da'is) and few loyal and faithful members knew about his identity. Abbasid caliph Haroon Rasheed was in constant search of him and he had deployed his detectives throughout the city of Medina. The wife of Haroon Rasheed, Zubaida, was loyal and devoted to the rank and status of Imamat of Mohammad ibn Isma'il just like the wife of Fir'aun (Pharaoh) who was faithful and a believer of Moosa (Moses). Zubaida gave all the information to Mohammad ibn Isma'il about the plans of Haroon Rasheed. It was because of her assistance and help that Imam Mohammad ibn Isma'il remained alert and migrated to the city of Koofa with his brother 'Ali. He stayed there for long time under disguise.

His father Imam Isma'il (as) died during the lifetime of Imam Ja'far as-Sadiq (as). He was succeeded by his son Abdullah ibn Mohammad(Wafiahmed), who became the 8th Ismaili Imam. The 8th, 9th (Ahmed ibn Abdullah)and 10th (Husain ibn Ahmed)Ismaili Imams are believed to have gone into seclusion because of the constant threat of life from the Abbasid dynasty.

Tree of the Ismāʿīlī Shia Islam

Tree of the Ismāʿīlī Shia Islam.
Muhammad ibn Ismail
of the Ahl al-Bayt
Clan of the Quraish
Born: 122 AH 740 A.D. Died: 197 AH 813 A.D.
Shī‘a Islam titles
Preceded by
Ismail ibn Jafar
7th or 8th Imam of Ismailism
740 - 775
Succeeded by
Wafi Ahmad

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