Seveners (Arabic سبعية) are a branch of Ismā'īlī Shīˤa. They became known as "Seveners" because they believe that either Ismā'īl ibn Jaˤfar or his son Muħammad ibn Ismā'īl al-Maktum was the seventh and the last Imām (hereditary leader of the Muslim community in the direct line of ˤAlī ibn Abī Tālib). Their most famous and active branch were the Qarmatians.

Sometimes "sevener" is used to refer to all Ismailis, though those of Fatimid heritage recognize more than seven Imāms. Note that the number seven plays a general role in the theology of the Ismā'īliyya, including mystical speculations that there are seven heavens, seven continents, seven orifices in the skull, seven days in a week, seven prophets, and so forth.

There are few strict Seveners — those who do not recognize the Fatimids — remaining among Muslims today. Some scholars doubt that they exist today.

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