"Siphoneae" from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Viridiplantae
Division: Chlorophyta
Reichenbach, 1834; Pascher[1][2]
Green algae on coastal rocks at Shihtiping in Taiwan

Chlorophyta is a division of green algae, informally called chlorophytes. The name is used in two very different senses so that care is needed to determine the use by a particular author. In older classification systems, it refers to a highly paraphyletic group of all the green algae within the green plants (Viridiplantae), and thus includes about 7,000 species[4][5] of mostly aquatic photosynthetic eukaryotic organisms. Like the land plants (bryophytes and tracheophytes), green algae contain chlorophylls a and b, and store food as starch[4] in their plastids.

In newer classifications, it refers to one of the two clades making up the Viridiplantae, which are the chlorophytes and the streptophytes or charophytes.[6][7] In this sense it includes only about 4,300 species.[3]


A possible classification when Chlorophyta refers to one of the two clades of the Viridiplantae is shown below.[citation needed]

Classification of the Chlorophyta, treated as all green algae, according to Hoek, Mann and Jahns 1995.[4]

  • Prasinophyceae
  • Chlorophyceae
  • Ulvophyceae
  • Cladophorophyceae
  • Bryopsidophyceae
  • Dasycladophyceae
  • Trentepoliophyceae
  • Pleurastrophyceae (Pleurastrales and Prasiolales)
  • Klebsormidiophyceae
  • Zygnematophyceae
  • Charophyceae

Classification of the Chlorophyta (treated as what is now considered one of the two clades of the Viridiplantae) according to Bold and Wynne 1985.[8]


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