An assortment of thallophyte viridiplantae in a rock pool, Taiwan
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Phylum: Viridiplantae

Viridiplantae (literally "green plants")[1][2][3] are a clade comprising the green algae and land plants.[4][5]

In some classification systems they have been treated as a kingdom,[6] under various names, e.g. Viridiplantae, Chlorobionta, or simply Plantae, the latter expanding the traditional Plant Kingdom to include the green algae. Adl et al., who produced a classification for all eukaryotes in 2005, introduced the name Chloroplastida for this group, reflecting the group having primary chloroplasts with green chlorophyll. They rejected the name Viridiplantae on the grounds that most of the species are not plants, as understood traditionally.[7]

Together with Rhodophyta and glaucophytes, Viridaeplantae are thought to belong to a larger clade called Archaeplastida or Primoplantae.

The monophyletic Chlorophyta and Streptophyta are classified under Viridiplantae.[8]

There are more than 350,000 species of Viridiplantae.[9]

A taxonomic evaluation of eukaryotes based on myosin distribution showed that Viridiplantae lost class-I myosins.[10]


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