Ningxiang County

Ningxiang County

Ningxiang (宁乡) is a county of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province in China.


In 2004, a Chinese team excavated ruins from the Western Zhou period (11th century-771BC) at Tanheli. The findings were of a city site that included two large yellow earth artificial building sites and two even larger sites that may have been palace dwellings. Remnants of moats were found both inside and outside the city. In the highlands outside the city were excavated seven small tombs for nobles and lords which contained many bronze culture implements as well as those made of jade. The site was listed in Beijing as one of the top ten archeological discoveries of 2004.[1]


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Coordinates: 28°18′53″N 112°33′14″E / 28.3147°N 112.554°E / 28.3147; 112.554

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