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subdivision_name1 = Hunan
subdivision_type2 = Prefecture
subdivision_name2 = Hengyang
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area_total_km2 =2656
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population_total =1300000
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timezone = China Standard
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latd=26 |latm=24 |lats= |latNS=N
longd=112 |longm=52 |longs= |longEW=E
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website = http://www.leiyang.gov.cn
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Leiyang (Chinese: 耒阳) is a county-level city in Hengyang, Hunan in China. It has over 1.3 million inhabitants. Cai Lun, inventor of paper, was born and lived in Leiyang. Now, there is a Cai Lun invention square established in Leiyang to show a respect for Cai Lun.


Leiyang enjoys long history dated back to the Qin dynasty.

In time of the Sanguo period, Pang Tong(庞统) was nominated as magistrate of Leiyang by Liu Bei(刘备) because he was ugly. Although he was very wise, after he took the office he did no work as a magistrate for for three years. People were confused and upset about his inaction and appealed to Liu Bei. Liu Bei sent Zhang Fei(张飞), a sworn brother of Liu Bei, to Leiyang for investigate. Before Zhang Fei arrived in Leiyang, Pang Tong orderd that water must be added to all the wine because Zhang Fei liked wine. After Zhang Fei arrived, he drunk a lot of wine but was still not drunk. He was very angry at Pang Tong but Pang Tone answered he would finish these cases in three days which were backlogged for three years which he proceeded to do. For this Pang Tong was promoted by Liu Bei. The special wine is called Zhang Fei Wine today.


Leiyangers speak a dialect resembling Jiangxi dialect.


Mashui (Chinese:马水)village is located in northeast Leiyang neighboring Anren(Chinese: 安仁)& Hengnan(Chinese: 衡南)

Pingtian (Chinese:坪田)township was annexed by Mashui a few years ago. Mashui brought Pingtian under its fold.

Production brigade is a thing of the past and a rural farming mode during years before agrarian reform adopted by Deng Xiaoping. Pingtian Production brigade where now there is a Chenjia Wan(Chinese: 陈家湾), people there inherited hardworking traits from ancestor. As China opens up to outside world, young people go to neighboring Guangdong province to seek fortune, meanwhile, bring lots of new ideas that inpacts old traditions. Nevertheless, Senior farmers in Chenjia Wan, never give way to the new unfavorable lifestyle; No gambling, No smoking, it remains a Xanadu.

External links

* [http://www.leiyang.gov.cn/ Official website of Leiyang Government]

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