List of Bowdoin College people

List of Bowdoin College people

Here follows a list of notable people associated with Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. This list includes alumni, faculty, and honorary degree recipients.

Distinguished Graduates

Arts & Letters

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Literature and Poetry

*Seba Smith 1818, humorist, creator of the fictional character Major Jack Downing
*Jacob Abbott, 1820, academic and author of 180 books, primarily children's bookscite book | title = Who Was Who in America, Historical Volume, 1607-1896 | publisher = Marquis Who's Who | date = 1967]
*Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 1825, world-renowned poet; professor at Bowdoin (1829-31) and Harvard University (1831-54); memorialized in the Poets' Corner at Westminster Abbey; namesake, along with Hawthorne, of Bowdoin's main library
*Nathaniel Hawthorne 1825, author, most notably of "The Scarlet Letter" (1850) and "The House of the Seven Gables" (1851); namesake, along with Longfellow, of Bowdoin's main library
*Charles Asbury Stephens 1869, prolific author of children's stories for "The Youth's Companion"
*Arlo Bates 1876, novelist, poet, and professor at MIT
*Robert P.T. Coffin 1915, Rhodes Scholar, winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry (1936), and Bowdoin professor (1934-55)
*Artine Artinian 1931, French literature scholar
*John Gould 1931, novelist, humorist, and columnist
*James Bassett 1934, journalist and author, most notably of the best-selling novel "In Harm's Way" (1962)
*Lawrence Sargent Hall 1936, novelist, short-story writer, and Bowdoin professor who won the O. Henry Award (1960)
*H. Richard Hornberger 1945, doctor and author, most notably of "M*A*S*H" (1968)
*Willis Barnstone 1948, four time Pulitzer Prize-nominated poet
*Paul Batista 1970, trial lawyer, television personality, and author
*Gregory Blake Smith 1975, author and professor
*Robin McKinley 1975, fantasy author, most notably of the Newbery Medal-winning "The Hero and the Crown" (1985)
*Douglas Kennedy 1976, novelist
*Walter H. Hunt 1981, science fiction author
*Taylor Mali 1987, slam poet
*Martha McPhee 1987, novelist, nominated for the National Book Award (2002)
*Meredith Hall 1993, best-selling author, most notably of "Without a Map" (2007)
*Anthony Doerr 1995, author
*Kelley Kerney 2002, author of "Born Again" (2006)

Journalism and non-fiction Writing

*John Stevens Cabot Abbott 1825, biographer, most notably of Napoleon Bonaparte (1855)
*John Brown Russwurm 1826, third black college graduate in the United States [ Charles C. Calhoun, "A Small College in Maine: 200 Years of Bowdoin". pullihed by the College in 1993, ISBN 091-6606-25-2 ] ; founder of "Freedom's Journal," America's first black newspaper (1827); governor of Maryland County in Liberia (1836-41)
*Charles Beecher 1834, author, minister, and abolitionist; brother of the author Harriet Beecher Stowe, the minister Henry Ward Beecher, and educator Catharine Beecher
*Edward Page Mitchell 1871, editor-in-chief of "The New York Sun" (1903-26)
*Hodding Carter 1927, progressive journalist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize (1946)
*Francis Russell 1933, historian, best known for his work on Warren Harding
*Arthur Stratton 1935, author and historian
*John Rich 1939, NBC News war correspondent
*Tom Cassidy 1972, CNN anchor (1981-89) and founder of the weekend news program, "Pinnacle"
*Geoffrey Canada 1974, author and activist
*Alvin Hall 1974, financial advisor, author, and BBC television presenter
*Cynthia McFadden 1978, ABC News anchor of "Primetime" (2004-present) and "Nightline" (2005-present)
*Judy Fortin 1983, CNN Headline News anchor (1990-2006) and medical correspondent (2006-present)
*Brian Farnham 1993, editor-in-chief of "Time Out New York" (2006-2008)
*Thomas Kohnstamm 1998, author and travel writer

Film and Television

*Phillips Lord 1925, radio personality, writer and actor
*Albert Dekker 1927, actor, most notably in "The Killers" (1946), "Gentleman's Agreement" (1947), and "The Wild Bunch" (1969)
*Gary Merrill 1937, actor, most notably in "All About Eve" (1950)
*Ned Dowd 1972, actor, most notably in "Slap Shot" (1977), and film producer, most notably of "The Last of the Mohicans" (1992), "Wonder Boys" (2000), and "Apocalypto" (2006)
*John Davis 1975, prolific film producer, most notably of "Predator" (1987), "The Firm" (1993), and "I, Robot" (2004)
*Kary Antholis 1984, Academy Award-winning filmmaker and executive at HBO Films [Wilson, David McKay. [ "Making Masterpieces"] , "Bowdoin Magazine", Spring 2004. Accessed August 27, 2008.]
*Marcus Giamatti 1984, actor, best known for his role in "Judging Amy" (1999-2005)
*Brad Anderson 1986, filmmaker, most notably of "Next Stop Wonderland" (1998), "The Machinist" (2004), and "Transsiberian" (2008)
*Paul Adelstein 1991, actor, best known for his roles in "Prison Break" (2005-07) and "Private Practice" (2007-present)
*Hayes MacArthur 1999, actor, comedian and fiancé of actress Ali Larter
*Hari Kondabolu 2004, stand-up comedian

Art and Music

*Jere Abbott 1920, art museum director who helped establish the Museum of Modern Art
*Harley Schwadron 1964, cartoonist
*Stephen Hannock 1974, American landscape painter
*Kevin Bubriski 1975, documentary photographer
*Todd Siler 1975, visual artist and researcher of creativity
*Abelardo Morell 1977, photographer
*Paul "DJ Spooky" Miller 1992, trip-hop musician, turntablist and producer
*Michael J. Merenda, Jr. 1998, singer-songwriter with the alternative folk band, The Mammals


:"Note: individuals who belong in multiple sections appear in the most relevant section."


*Franklin Pierce 1824, congressman (1833-37) and senator (1837-42) from New Hampshire; 14th President of the United States (1853-57); namesake of Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire

U.S. Governors

*Robert P. Dunlap 1815, governor of Maine (1834-38) and congressman from Maine (1843-47)
*Richard H. Vose 1822, governor of Maine (1841) and president of the Maine state senate
*William G. Crosby 1823, governor of Maine (1853-55)
*John Fairfield 1826, congressman (1835-38) and senator (1843-47) from Maine; governor of Maine (1839-43)
*Alonzo Garcelon 1836, co-founder of Bates College (1855), Civil War general, Maine governor (1879-80)
*John Andrew 1837, governor of Massachusetts (1861-66) responsible for the formation of the 54th Massachusetts during the Civil War
*Frederick Robie 1841, governor of Maine (1883-87)
*La Fayette Grover 1846, governor of Oregon (1871-77); congressman (1859) and senator (1877-83) from Oregon
*Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain 1852, Bowdoin College professor (1855-62), Civil War hero, Medal of Honor recipient, Maine governor (1867-71), and president of Bowdoin College (1871-83); a large statute of Chamberlain now stands at the entrance to the College
*Wilmot Brookings 1855, first provisional governor of the Dakota Territory; namesake of the city and county of Brookings, both in South Dakota'
*Henry B. Quinby 1868, governor of New Hampshire from 1909-1911 as well as an American Physician
*William T. Cobb 1877, governor of Maine (1905-09)
*John Fremont Hill 1877, governor of Maine (1901-05)
*Percival Proctor Baxter 1898, governor of Maine (1921-24) and namesake of Baxter State Park
*James L. McConaughy 1911 (M.A.), governor of Connecticut (1947-48) and poet
*Horrace Hildreth 1925, governor of Maine (1944-48), US Ambassador to Pakistan (1953-57), and president of Bucknell University (1957-67)
*James B. Longley 1947, governor of Maine (1975-79)

U.S. Senators

*George Evans 1815, congressman (1829-41) and senator (1841-47) from Maine
*James Bell 1822, senator from New Hampshire (1855-57)
*James Ware Bradbury 1825, senator from Maine (1847-53)
*Alpheus Felch 1827, Michigan governor (1846-47), senator from Michigan (1847-1853), professor of law at the University of Michigan, and namesake of Felch Township in Michigan
*John Hale 1827, congressman (1843-45) and senator (1847-53) from New Hampshire; ran against Franklin Pierce 1824 as the Free Soil Party candidate for President (1852)
*William Frye 1850, congressman (1871-81) and senator (1881-1911) from Maine; played a role in the founding of Bates College (1855)
*Paris Gibson 1851, senator from Montana (1901-05)
*William D. Washburn 1854, congressman (1879-85) and senator (1889-95) from Minnesota
*Charles Fletcher Johnson 1879, senator from Maine (1911-1917)
*Wallace White 1899, congressman (1916-31) and senator (1931-49) from Maine; Senate Minority Leader (1944-47); Senate Majority Leader (1947-49)
*Ralph Owen Brewster 1909, Maine governor (1925-29); congressman (1935-41) and senator (1941-53) from Maine
*Paul Douglas 1913, professor of economics at the University of Chicago (1920-42) and senator from Illinois (1949-67)
*George Mitchell 1954, senator from Maine (1982-95); Senate Majority Leader (1989-95); chairman of the Walt Disney Corporation (2004-present); winner of the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1999); Chancellor of Queen's University, Belfast [ *]
*Bill Cohen 1962, congressman (1972-78) and senator (1978-97) from Maine; Secretary of Defense under President Clinton (1997-2001)

U.S. Representatives

*Benjamin Randall 1809, congressman from Maine (1839-43)
*Bellamy Storer 1809, congressman from Ohio (1835-37) and law professor
*John Anderson 1813, congressman from Maine (1825-33) and mayor of Portland (1833-36,1842)
*John D. McCrate 1819, congressman from Maine (1845-47)
*John Otis 1823, congressman from Maine (1849-51)
*Samuel P. Benson 1825, congressman from Maine (1853-57) and Maine Secretary of State
*Jonathan Cilley 1825, congressman from Maine (1837-38) whose death in an 1838 duel with a Kentucky congressman prompted outrage and a congressional ban on the practice [ *]
*Cullen Sawtelle 1825, congressman from Maine (1845-47, 1849-51)
*Seargent Smith Prentiss 1826, congressman from Mississippi (1838-39)
*Owen Lovejoy 1832, congressman from Maine (1857-64) and abolitionist participant in the Underground Railroad
*John Appleton 1834, US Minister to Bolivia (1848-49), congressman from Maine (1851-53), Assistant US Secretary of State (1857-60), and US Ambassador to Russia (1860-61)
*Timothy R. Young 1835, congressman from Illinois (1849-51)
*Samuel Fessenden 1834, congressman from Maine (1861-63)
*Charles H. Upton 1834, congressman from Virginia (1861-62)
*E. Wilder Farley 1836, congressman from Maine (1853-55)
*Frederick A. Pike 1837, congressman from Maine (1861-69)
*Lorenzo De Medici Sweat 1837, congressman from Maine (1863-65)
*Samuel Thurston 1843, first congressman from Oregon (1849-51)
*T.A.D. Fessenden 1845, congressman from Maine (1862-63)
*William W. Rice 1846, congressman from Massachusetts (1877-87)
*Isaac Newton Evans 1851, doctor and congressman from Pennsylvania (1877-79, 1883-87)
*Amos L. Allen 1860, congressman from Maine (1899-1911)
*Thomas Brackett Reed 1860, congressman from Maine (1877-99); Speaker of the House (1889-91, 1895-99)
*De Alva S. Alexander 1870, congressman from New York (1896-1910) and United States district attorney from New York (1889-93)
*Daniel J. McGillicuddy 1881, congressman from Maine (1911-17)
*Frederick Stevens 1881, congressman from Minnesota (1897-1915)
*John A. Peters 1885, congressman from Maine (1913-22) and United States district attorney from Maine (1922-47)
*Simon M. Hamlin 1900, congressman from Maine (1935-37)
*Donald F. Snow 1901, congressman from Maine (1929-33)
*Robert Hale 1910, congressman from Maine (1943-59)
*James C. Oliver 1917, congressman from Maine (1937-43)
*Edward C. Moran, Jr. 1917, congressman from Maine (1933-37) and gubernatorial candidate (1928, 1930)
*Joseph L. Fisher 1935, congressman from Virginia (1975-81)
*Peter A. Garland 1945, congressman from Maine (1961-63)
*Thomas H. Allen 1967, Rhodes Scholar, mayor of Portland, Maine (1991-1992), and congressman from Maine (1997-present) [ *]
*Tom Andrews 1976, congressman from Maine (1991-1995)

U.S. Cabinet Secretaries and other political and military figures

*William Fessenden 1823, congressman (1841-43) and senator (1854-64, 1865-69) from New Hampshire; Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln (1864-65)
*Horatio Bridge 1825, commodore in the US Navy; chief of the Naval Bureau of Provisions & Clothing (1854-1869)
*Hugh McCulloch 1827, Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Abraham Lincoln (1865), Andrew Johnson (1865-69) and Chester A. Arthur (1884-85)
*Sumner Increase Kimball 1855, organizer (1878) and superintendent (1878-1916) of the U.S. Life-Saving Service, precursor to the U.S. Coast Guard
*William LeBaron Putnam 1855, mayor of Portland (1869-70) and gubernatorial candidate (1888)
*Ellis Spear 1858, Civil War general, U.S. Commissioner of Patents
*Sumner Pike 1913, member of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (1940-1946) and member of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (1946-1951)
*E. Frederick Morrow 1930, first African American to hold an executive position at the White House
*Everett P. Pope 1941, Medal of Honor recipient during World War II
*David F. Gordon 1971, Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department (2007-present) and professor
*Lawrence Lindsey 1976, professor of economics at Harvard, and economic adviser to President George W. Bush (2001-2002) who masterminded the Bush tax cuts
*Peter Steinbrueck 1979, Seattle city councilman and activist
*Stephen Laffey 1984, mayor of Cranston, R.I. (2002-present); candidate for U.S. Senate (2006)

U.S. Supreme Court Justices and other legal figures

*Amory Holbrook 1841, first United States attorney for the Oregon territory and senatorial candidate
*Melville Weston Fuller 1853, 8th Chief Justice of the United States (1888-1910)
*Harold Hitz Burton 1909, senator from Ohio (1941-45); associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1945-1958)
*John David Clifford, Jr. 1910, United States District Judge for the District of Maine (1933-47)
*Edward G. Hudon 1937, librarian for the U.S. Supreme Court (1972-76)
*Fred Fisher 1942, Boston attorney and figure in the Army-McCarthy hearings.
*Dennis J. Hutchinson 1969, Rhodes Scholar, law clerk to US Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, professor of law at the University of Chicago, and biographer of Justice Byron White (1998)
*Christopher Wolf 1976, law professor and attorney that represented Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame and was in critical in the formation of internet law
*Pat Meehan 1978, United States attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (2001-present)

Ambassadors and other diplomats

*Wilhelm Haas 1953, former German Ambassador to Israel, Japan, and the Netherlands
*Thomas Pickering 1953, US Ambassador to Jordan (1974-78), Nigeria (1981-83), El Salvador (1983-85), Israel (1985-88), the United Nations (1989-92), India (1992-93), and Russia (1993-96); recipient of thirteen honorary degrees
*Laurence Pope 1967, US Ambassador to Chad (1993-96)
*David Pearce 1972, US Ambassador to Algeria (2008-present)
*Christopher Hill 1974, US Ambassador to Macedonia (1996-99), Poland (2000-2004), and South Korea (2004-2005); Undersecretary of State and chief US negotiator with North Korea (2005-Present)
*Lawrence Butler 1975, US Ambassador to Macedonia (2002-2005)

cience & Medicine

*William Smyth 1822, professor of mathematics and philosophy at Bowdoin; author of popular textbooks on algebra, trigonometry, geometry and calculus (1833-59)
*Augustus Stinchfield 1868, co-founder of the Mayo Clinic
*George Edwin Lord 1869, doctor killed at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876
*Francis Robbins Upton 1875, mathematician and inventor; long-time associate of Thomas Edison; first student ever to receive a graduate degree from Princeton (1877) [ *]
*Edwin Hall 1875, physicist, discoverer of the Hall effect, used worldwide in sensors and has led more recently to the quantum Hall effect, the international standard defining the ohm in electrical resistance
*Robert Peary 1877, Naval officer and leader of the first expedition to reach the North Pole (1909)
*Donald MacMillan 1898, member of the Peary expedition and pioneering Arctic explorer [ *]
*Philip Hunter Timberlake 1908, prolific entomologist and writer of scientific essays
*Alfred Kinsey 1916, sex researcher, author of the controversial Kinsey Reports (1948, 1953), professor at Indiana University (1920-56), and founder of the Institute for Sex Research (1947) [ *]
*Myron Avery 1920, environmentalist instrumental in the creation of the Appalachian Trail
*John Ripley Forbes 1938, conservationist and philanthropist of nature museums
*Daniel Hanley 1939, U.S. Olympic doctor and pioneer of drug-testing programs
*J. Ward Kennedy 1955, cardiologist who made novel studies concerning the heart's pumping power
*Auden Schendler 1992, corporate environmentalist prominently featured in issues of "Time Magazine" and "Businessweek"


*Fred Tootell 1923, Olympic gold medalist in the hammer throw (1924)
*George Mitchell 1954, Senate Majority Leader (1989-95) who, in 2007, released the Mitchell Report concerning steroid abuses in Major League Baseball
*Fred Ahern 1974, NHL hockey player
*Dale Arnold 1979, two-time Emmy Award-winning sportcaster
*Joan Benoit Samuelson 1979, world record holder and winner of the Boston (1979, 1983), Olympic (1984) and Chicago (1985) marathons
*Rick Boyages 1985, head coach for the William & Mary Tribe men's basketball team (2000-2003)
*Joe Beninati 1987, television play-by-play announcer for the Washington Capitals (1994-present)
*Sean Starke 2003, professional ice hockey player


*Thomas Hyde 1861, Medal of Honor recipient and founder of Bath Iron Works (1884)
*Charles W. Morse, 1877, American ice, shipping and banking magnate. Ruined the career of New York mayor Robert Van Wyck and helped spark the Panic of 1907.
*L. Brooks Leavitt, 1899, investment banker, partner, Paine, Webber & Co., Overseer, Bowdoin College, donor to college library
*Harvey Dow Gibson 1902, Red Cross commissioner and president of the Manufacturers Trust Co; served on the board of the 1939 New York World's Fair
*Everett P. Pope 1941, Medal of Honor recipient, bank president, and longtime member (1977-87) and chairman of the college's Board of Trustees (1985-87)
*Charles Ireland, Jr. 1942, president of CBS (1971-72)
*Bernard Osher, 1948, billionaire auctioneer of Butterfield & Butterfield and philanthropist
*Raymond S. Troubh 1950, independent financial consultant, general partner at Lazard (1961-74), and interim chairman at Enron (2002-2004)
*Peter Buck 1952, billionaire co-founder of the Subway sandwich chain (1965) and physicist
*Leon Gorman 1956, president (1967-2001) and chairman (2001-present) of L. L. Bean
*Charles M. Leighton 1957, CEO of CML Group (1968-present) and board member of Metropolitan Life (1996-present)
*David A. Olsen 1959, CEO of Johnson & Higgins (1990-97); vice chairman of Marsh & McLennan (1997) and then board member (1997-present)
*John O. Parker, Jr. 1966, venture capitalist at Rho Ventures (2002-present)
*Kenneth Chenault 1973, president (1997-2001) and CEO (2001-present) of American Express; the first African-American CEO of a Fortune 500 company
*Stanley Druckenmiller 1975, billionaire financier and philanthropist; former business associate of George Soros
*Richard Salsman 1981, economist, author and lecturer
*Reed Hastings 1983, founder (1997) and CEO (1997-present) of Netflix


:"Note: individuals who belong in multiple sections appear in the most relevant section."

College Founders and Presidents

*Nathan Lord 1809, president of Dartmouth College (1828-63) [ *]
*Alpheus Packard, Sr. 1819, professor (1824-65) and acting president (1882-84) of Bowdoin College
*William C. Larrabee 1828, president of DePauw University (1848-1849)
*William Henry Allen 1833, president of Dickinson College (1847-48) and Pennsylvania State University (1864-68)
*Samuel Harris 1833, president of Bowdoin College (1867-71) and Dwight Professor of Systematic Theology at Yale Divinity School (1871-95)
*Cyrus Hamlin 1834, co-founder of Robert College in Istanbul (1860); president of Middlebury College (1880-85)
*George Frederick Magoun 1841, first president of Iowa College, now Grinnell College (1865-1885)
*Oliver Otis Howard 1850, Civil War general, commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau (1865-72), and founder and president of Howard University (1869-74)
*Kenneth Sills 1901, president of Bowdoin College (1918-52)
*Asa S. Knowles 1930, president of the University of Toledo and Northeastern University, and namesake of the building which houses the Northeastern School of Law
*Lawrence Lee Pelletier 1936, president of Allegheny College, and namesake of the school's library
*Robert W. Morse 1943, first president of Case Western Reserve University (1966-71)
*Roger Howell, Jr. 1958, Rhodes Scholar and president of Bowdoin College (1969-78)
*Barry Mills 1972, president of Bowdoin College (2001-present) [ *]

Professors and Scholars

*Calvin Ellis Stowe 1824, professor of religion at the Andover Theological Seminary, Dartmouth College and Bowdoin College; husband and literary agent of Harriet Beecher Stowe
*Henry Boynton Smith 1834, theologian and professor at Amherst College (1847-50) and the Union Theological Seminary (1850-74)
*Ezra Abbot 1840, influential biblical scholar and professor at the Harvard Divinity School (1872-84)
*Charles Carroll Everett 1850, theologian and philosopher; professor at (1869-78), and dean of (1878-1900), the Harvard Divinity School
*William Alfred Packard 1851, classical scholar and professor at Princeton University
*Jonathan Stanton 1856, ornithologist and professor at Bates College (1863-1906)
*Boyd Bartlett 1917, military officer and notable physics professor at the United States Military Academy
*Robert Albion 1918, author and professor at Princeton University (1922-47) and at Harvard University (1948-65)
*Richard E. Morgan 1959, distinguished professor of Government at Bowdoin College (1969-present)
*Bruce E. Cain 1970, Rhodes Scholar and Heller Professor of Political Science at UC Berkeley (1989-present)
*Lyman Page 1978, astronomer, physicist, and professor at Princeton University
*Meredith Jung-En Woo 1980, professor at Northwestern University (1989-2000) and the University of Michigan (2001-present); Dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia (2008-present); expert on Korean politics

Fictional Alumni

*Hawkeye Pierce, the protagonist of H. Richard Hornberger's novel, "M*A*S*H" (1968), he attended a school based on Bowdoin; He was played by Donald Sutherland in the Academy Award-winning film version (1970) and by Alan Alda in the long-running TV series (1972-83)
*Dr. Wilbur Larch, the pro-choice doctor who raises, Homer Wells, the protagonist of John Irving's novel, "The Cider House Rules" (1985); Michael Caine won an Academy Award when he portrayed him in the film version (1999)
*Homer Wells, the protagonist of John Irving's "The Cider House Rules" (1985), he is the recipient of a Bowdoin degree forged by his mentor and father figure, Dr. Wilbur Larch; he was played by Tobey Maguire in the film version (1999)
*Forney Hull, the main love interest of the lead character in Billie Letts' novel, "Where the Heart Is" (1995); he was played by James Frain in the film version (2000)

Honorary Degree Recipients

*Jefferson Davis LL.D. 1859, senator from Mississippi (1847-53, 1857-61), Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce (1853-1857), and president of the Confederate States of America (1861-65); namesake of Bowdoin's award for excellence in government and constitutional law [ *]
*Robert Frost Litt.D. 1926, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and professor at Amherst College (1916-38)
*Harlan Fiske Stone LL.D. 1944, Attorney General under President Calvin Coolidge (1924-25); Associate (1925-41) and Chief (1941-46) Justice of the Supreme Court
*N.C. Wyeth A.M. 1945, American artist and illustrator
*Margaret Chase Smith LL.D. 1952, representative (1940-49) and senator (1949-73) from Maine
*Edmund Muskie LL.D. 1957, Maine governor (1954-58); senator from Maine (1958-1980); Secretary of State under President Jimmy Carter (1980-81)
*Edward Brooke LL.D. 1969, senator from Massachusetts (1967-79)
*Andrew Wyeth D.F.A. 1970, American artist
*E. Frederic Morrow LL.D. 1970, first black US presidential aide; former Bowdoin undergraduate (1926-30)
*Olympia Snowe LL.D. 1983, representative (1979-94) and senator (1994-present) from Maine
*George H. W. Bush LL.D. 1982, 43rd Vice President (1981-89) and 41st President of the United States (1989-1993)
*Maya Angelou, Litt.D. 1987, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author
*Ken Burns L.H.D. 1991, director of documentaries on the American Civil War (1990), baseball (1994) and jazz (2001)
*Cornel West L.H.D. 1999, celebrity professor at Yale, Harvard and Princeton [ *]
*Paul Simon LL.D. 2001, congressman (1975-85) and senator (1985-97) from Illinois
*Shulamit Ran Mus.D. 2004, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer
*Torsten N. Wiesel S.D. 2004, Nobel Prize winner in medicine

Notable Faculty Members and Trustees (Non-Graduates)

*John Chandler (1762-1841), congressman and senator from Maine, trustee
*William King (1768-1862), Maine governor, trustee
*Jesse Appleton (1772-1819), president of Bowdoin and father of first lady Jane Pierce
*Parker Cleaveland (1780-1858), professor (50 years plus), scientist, "Father of American Mineralogy"
*Andrews Norton (1786-1853), theologian, visiting faculty member
*Amos Nourse (1794-1877), senator from Maine, professor of obstetrics
*James Bradbury (1802-1901), senator from Maine, trustee
*Roswell Dwight Hitchcock (1817-1887), professor of natural and revealed religion
*Charles Abiathar White (1826-1910), professor of natural history
*George Trumbull Ladd (1842-1921), professor of philosophy
*Roy Ridley (1890-1969), writer and poet, visiting faculty member
*Adam Walsh (1901-1985), NFL Coach of the Year for the Cleveland Rams
*Rex Warner (1905-1986), English classicist, visiting faculty member
*Louis Coxe (1918-1993), poet and author, longtime professor of English
*Elliott Schwartz (1936-present), notable composer and Robert K. Beckwith Professor of Music Emiritus
*Angus King (1944-present), Maine governor, adjunct faculty member
*Richard Ford (1944-present), Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist of "Independence Day" (1995)
*Paul Franco (19??-present), professor of political philosophy
*Anthony Walton (1960-present), poet and writer-in-residence


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