The X Factor (U.S. season 1)

The X Factor (U.S. season 1)
The X Factor
Season 1
Broadcast from September 21, 2011–present
Judges Simon Cowell
Paula Abdul
Nicole Scherzinger
L.A. Reid
Cheryl Cole (Los Angeles & Chicago auditions)
Host(s) Steve Jones
Broadcaster Fox

The X Factor is an American television music competition to find new singing talent; the winner of which receives a $5 million recording contract with Epic Records.[1] The first season began airing on September 21, 2011, on Fox and is due to end in December the same year. It is simultaneously broadcast in Canada on CTV or CTV Two, depending on schedule.

Based on the UK format, the competition consists of auditions, in front of producers and then the judges with a live audience; bootcamp; judges' houses and then the live finals. Auditions for the show began in March 2011 and concluded in June 2011.[2] The show is hosted by Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones, while the judging panel consists of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger.

An early preview of the show aired during the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game on July 12, 2011. Another preview was shown following American football coverage on Fox on September 11.


Selection process


Cities where the auditions were held.

Auditions for producers began in Los Angeles, California, on March 27, 2011, at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. They then took place in Miami, Florida, on April 7, 2011, at the BankUnited Center and continued in Newark, New Jersey's Prudential Center on April 14, 2011. More auditions took place in Seattle, Washington's KeyArena on April 20, 2011, and Chicago, Illinois's Sears Centre on April 27, 2011, and finished in Dallas, Texas's American Airlines Center on May 26, 2011.[3][4]

It was reported that The X Factor had broken the auditions record in Los Angeles on March 27.[5] It was reported that over 20,000 people auditioned in Newark, New Jersey,[6] and it was also reported that over 5,000 people auditioned in Seattle.[7]

The MyStudio HD audition booths opened in Honolulu, Hawaii; Phoenix, Arizona; Nashville, Tennessee; Anchorage, Alaska; Kansas City, Kansas; and Denver, Colorado.[8] Originally scheduled to end on April 30, 2011, the booths' opening ended up being extended until May 8, 2011. After it was announced that people auditioning through this method was in such high demand, auditions at the booths' ended up being extended until May 15, 2011.

On June 3, Cowell announced that applicants could upload a video of them singing onto YouTube and it was opened for one week only (June 9).[9] Selected applicants would appear in front of the judges.

The last set of auditions took place during May and June, 2011. These auditions individually occur simultaneously before both the judges and a live studio audience; and with such audience in attendance able to applaud/cheer approval or disapproval and perhaps influencing the judges.[2]

Audition city[3] Date Audition venue[2] Date aired Notes
Los Angeles, California May 8 and 9, 2011 Galen Center September 21, 2011 The judging panel for these auditions consisted of Cheryl Cole, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell
Chicago, Illinois May 19 and 20, 2011 Sears Centre September 28, 2011
Newark, New Jersey June 8 and 9, 2011 Prudential Center September 29, 2011 The judging panel for these auditions consisted of Nicole Scherzinger (previously co-host of the show, replaced Cole), Reid, Abdul and Cowell
Miami, Florida June 14 and 15, 2011 BankUnited Center September 22, 2011
Dallas, Texas June 21 and 22, 2011 American Airlines Center September 22, 2011
Seattle, Washington June 28, 29 and 30, 2011 KeyArena September 21 and 28, 2011

Auditions footage first aired on September 21, though they were not aired in the same order that they occurred.[10]


Day 1 of bootcamp started with dance training with choreographer Brian Friedman and then the acts were called to the stage in groups of 10 to sing in front of the judges. After all of them performed, the acts were brought in front of the judges as part of one of three groups. Two of these groups made it through and one was eliminated, leaving 100 acts still in the competition. The judges threw a party for the remaining acts that for many lasted late into the night.

Day 2 started with everyone getting woken up at 6 am and heading to meet Reid. He informed them that they would be put into "ensembles" and groups, and would be working with stylists, choreographers, and vocal coaches. They were given five hours to learn the songs they were given. One third of the acts would be eliminated by the end of the second day. Several of the ensembles performances were aired. The first ensemble performed "Creep", the second ensemble performed "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", the third ensemble performed "Desperado", the fourth ensemble performed "Wishing on a Star", the fifth ensemble performed "Superman (It's Not Easy)", the sixth ensemble performed "Feeling Good", the seventh ensemble performed "I Have Nothing" and the eighth ensemble performed "Run".

Day 2 continued with more ensembles performing for the judges. The ninth ensemble performed "What's Going On". Next, they showed a couple of quick shots of some ensembles, presumably consisting of all people that would not make it through to the end. The tenth ensemble that was covered in detail performed "I Won't Let Go". The eleventh (and final) ensemble performed "Chasing Cars". Next, the judges deliberated, and decided on which a third of the acts would be eliminated. Once again, three groups were brought in. Group 1 was eliminated, meaning groups 2 and 3 made it through to the next round of bootcamp.

Day 3 had all 64 acts perform for the judges. They were given a list of 35 songs at the end of the day 2 and were told to choose one that best represented them. At the end of this final bootcamp round, 32 acts would go through to the judges' houses. This final performance was done in front of a crowd of 3,000 people. After each of the performances, the judges gave no feedback.

The first bootcamp episode aired on October 5, 2011 and covered the first two days of bootcamp.[10] The second bootcamp episode aired on October 6 and covered the rest of Day 2 and the remainder of bootcamp. By the end of bootcamp, 162 acts were cut to 32, 8 acts in each category. The judges later found out which category they would mentor and their acts joined them at their house.

Judges' houses

Mariah Carey was contracted to aid Cowell in France, but was unable to attend due to Hurricane Irene grounding her flight to Paris. Enrique Iglesias helped Scherzinger to pick her finalists in Malibu, California and Pharrell Williams acted as a guest judge helping Abdul to pick her finalists in Santa Barbara, California. Rihanna helped L.A. Reid choose his finalists in The Hamptons, New York.[11]

In the United States, footage from Judges' houses was originally scheduled to air on October 12, 13 and 18. However, due to weather delaying the start of the 2011 American League Championship Series (ALCS), the footage from Judges' houses 1 was moved to October 13, with footage from Judges' houses 2 seen instead on October 16; the footage from Judges' houses 3 which was scheduled to air on October 18 has now been replaced by the judges revealing their 4 finalists (or 5 in the case of Cowell) in each category to take through to the live shows. In Canada the first Judges' Houses episode was broadcast as originally scheduled on October 12.[12] No episode was shown in Canada on October 13, with CTV and CTV Two opting to follow Fox's scheduling changes to take advantage of simsub rules.

The fifteen eliminated acts were:

  • Boys: Skyelor Anderson, Tim Cifers, Brennin Hunt, Nick Voss.
  • Girls: Caitlin Koch, Jazzlyn Little, Tora Woloshin.
  • Over-30s: Tiger Budbill, Christa Collins, Elaine Gibbs, James Kenney.
  • Groups: 2Squar'd, 4Shore, The Anser, Illusion Confusion.

Melanie Amaro was initially eliminated from the Girls' category, but was invited back to the competition after Cowell decided he had made a mistake in not including her, bringing the total number of finalists to 17.[13]


The 17 finalists were confirmed as follows;

Category (mentor) Acts
Boys (Reid) Astro Marcus Canty Phillip Lomax Chris Rene
Girls (Cowell) Melanie Amaro Simone Battle Rachel Crow Drew Tiah Tolliver
Over-30s (Scherzinger) LeRoy Bell Stacy Francis Dexter Haygood Josh Krajcik
Groups (Abdul) The Brewer Boys InTENsity Lakoda Rayne The Stereo Hogzz

Live shows

The first two-and-a-half hour live show aired on a special Tuesday time slot on October 25; which followed the same format as the latest series of the UK show with each of the judges narrowing their number of acts down to three, without a public vote. The public vote starts with the following performance and results shows starting November 2, which airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively (except for the live shows on November 22 and 23, that will air on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively during Thanksgiving). The two-part finale will be held on December 21 and 22.[14][15] Leona Lewis, the winner of series 3 of the UK X Factor, confirmed during an interview with The Sun that she had been invited to perform on one of the live shows.[16]

There was no guest performance during the first week. Outasight performed on the second live result show,[citation needed] while the third live result show featured performances from Jessie J and Willow Smith.[citation needed] Rihanna will perform on the fourth live results show.[citation needed] Britney Spears Jotiva (who will be performing a medley of chart toppers Toxic, Criminal and Soda Pop) and Taio Cruz with Flo Rida will perform on the fifth live results show.[citation needed] The show on December 1, 2011 will have Tinie Tempah performing his hit single, "Pass Out".[citation needed] The seventh live show will feature performances from X Factor (US) judge Nicole Scherzinger and Romeo Santos featuring Usher. The eighth live result show will feature performances from X Factor UK Winner Leona Lewis and Alicia Keys

Results summary

Color key
     – Contestant was eliminated by their mentor (no public vote or final showdown)
     – Contestant was in the bottom two/three and had to sing again in the final showdown
     – Contestant was in the bottom three but received the fewest votes and was immediately eliminated
     – Contestant received the fewest public votes and was immediately eliminated (no final showdown)
Weekly results per contestant
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
Round 1 Round 2
Astro Saved Safe Safe Bottom two
Chris Rene Saved Safe Safe Safe
Drew Saved Safe Safe Safe
Josh Krajcik Saved Safe Safe Safe
Lakoda Rayne Saved Safe Bottom two Safe
LeRoy Bell Saved Safe Safe Safe
Marcus Canty Saved Safe Safe Safe
Melanie Amaro Saved Safe Safe Safe
Rachel Crow Saved Safe Safe Safe
Stacy Francis Saved Safe Safe Bottom two Eliminated
(week 4)
The Stereo Hogzz Saved Bottom two Bottom two Eliminated
(week 3)
InTENsity Saved Bottom two Eliminated
(week 2)
Tiah Tolliver Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Simone Battle Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Dexter Haygood Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
The Brewer Boys Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Phillip Lomax Not saved Eliminated
(week 1)
Final showdown None1 InTENsity,
The Stereo Hogzz
Lakoda Rayne,
The Stereo Hogzz
Stacy Francis
Judges voted to: Save Eliminate
Reid's vote Astro
Marcus Canty
Chris Rene
InTENsity The Stereo Hogzz Stacy Francis
Scherzinger's vote Stacy Francis
Josh Krajcik
LeRoy Bell
InTENsity The Stereo Hogzz Astro
Abdul's vote The Stereo Hogzz
Lakoda Rayne
InTENsity Lakoda Rayne Stacy Francis
Cowell's vote Drew
Rachel Crow
Melanie Amaro
The Stereo Hogzz The Stereo Hogzz Stacy Francis
Eliminated Phillip Lomax InTENsity
3 of 4 votes
The Stereo Hogzz
3 of 4 votes
Stacy Francis
3 of 4 votes
The Brewer Boys
Dexter Haygood
Simone Battle
Tiah Tolliver
Reference(s) [17] [18] [19]
  • ^1 There was no public vote in the first week and therefore no final showdown. Each judge was required to eliminate one of their own acts instead (except Cowell who eliminated two of his acts).[20]

Live show details

Week 1 (October 25)

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song[21] Result[17]
Astro 1 "Jump" Safe
Chris Rene 2 "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" Safe
Phillip Lomax 3 "I'm a Believer" Eliminated
Marcus Canty 4 "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" Safe
The Stereo Hogzz 5 "Try a Little Tenderness" Safe
The Brewer Boys 6 "Rich Girl" / "Faith" Eliminated
InTENsity 7 "The Clapping Song" / "Footloose" Safe
Lakoda Rayne 8 "Come On Eileen" Safe
Dexter Haygood 9 "Womanizer" / "I Kissed a Girl" Eliminated
LeRoy Bell 10 "Nobody Knows" Safe
Stacy Francis 11 "One More Try" Safe
Josh Krajcik 12 "Forever Young" Safe
Simone Battle 13 "Just Be Good to Me" Eliminated
Rachel Crow 14 "Where Did Our Love Go" / "Baby" Safe
Drew 15 "Flashdance... What a Feeling" Safe
Tiah Tolliver 16 "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" Eliminated
Melanie Amaro 17 "I Have Nothing" Safe
  • There was no public vote in the first week. Instead, each of the judges selected one of their own acts to eliminate; as Cowell had five acts instead of four, he eliminated two of his acts.

Judges' decisions to eliminate[17]

  • Reid: Phillip Lomax
  • Abdul: The Brewer Boys
  • Scherzinger: Dexter Haygood
  • Cowell: Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver

Week 2 (November 2/3)

Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song[23] Result[18]
The Stereo Hogzz 1 "Rhythm Nation" Bottom two
Chris Rene 2 "Superstar" Safe
LeRoy Bell 3 "I'm Already There" Safe
Rachel Crow 4 "Walking on Sunshine" Safe
Lakoda Rayne 5 "Landslide" Safe
Josh Krajcik 6 "Jar of Hearts" Safe
Melanie Amaro 7 "Desperado" Safe
Astro 8 "Hip Hop Hooray" / "Get Ur Freak On" Safe
InTENsity 9 "Kids in America" / "Party Rock Anthem" Bottom two
Drew 10 "Just a Dream" Safe
Marcus Canty 11 "Nothin' on You" / "Every Little Step" Safe
Stacy Francis 12 "Up to the Mountain" Safe
Final showdown details[18]
The Stereo Hogzz 1 "Emotion" Safe
InTENsity 2 "My Life Would Suck Without You" Eliminated
Judges' votes to eliminate[18]
  • Cowell: The Stereo Hogzz – based on the final showdown performance
  • Abdul: InTENsity – based her decision on her experience working with both groups
  • Scherzinger: InTENsity – believed that The Stereo Hogzz were more prepared
  • Reid: InTENsity – did not have enough time to give his reason

Week 3 (November 9/10)

Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song[25] Movie[25] Result[19]
Stacy Francis 1 "Queen of the Night" The Bodyguard Safe
Marcus Canty 2 "I'm Going Down" Car Wash Safe
Drew 3 "Fix You" You, Me & Dupree Safe
LeRoy Bell 4 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Runaway Bride Safe
Lakoda Rayne 5 "Somebody Like You" How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Bottom two
Astro 6 "Lose Yourself" 8 Mile Safe
Melanie Amaro 7 "Man in the Mirror" Michael Jackson's This Is It Safe
The Stereo Hogzz 8 "Ain't No Other Man" Get Smart Bottom two
Josh Krajcik 9 "With a Little Help from My Friends" Across the Universe Safe
Chris Rene 10 "Gangsta's Paradise" Dangerous Minds Safe
Rachel Crow 11 "I'd Rather Go Blind" Cadillac Records Safe
Final showdown details[19]
Lakoda Rayne 1 "No Air" N/A Safe
The Stereo Hogzz 2 "You Are Not Alone" N/A Eliminated
Judges' votes to eliminate[19]
  • Reid: The Stereo Hogzz
  • Scherzinger: The Stereo Hogzz
  • Abdul: Lakoda Rayne - Originally wished to abstain from voting, but then realized that doing so would have eliminated The Stereo Hogzz as Reid and Scherzinger had already voted.
  • Cowell: The Stereo Hogzz

Week 4 (November 16/17)

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song[citation needed] Result[citation needed]
LeRoy Bell 1 "We've Got Tonight" Safe
Rachel Crow 2 "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" Safe
Chris Rene 3 "No Woman, No Cry" Safe
Stacy Francis 4 "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" Bottom two
Melanie Amaro 5 "Everybody Hurts" Safe
Josh Krajcik 6 "The Pretender" Safe
Astro 7 "I'll Be Missing You" Bottom two
Lakoda Rayne 8 "Use Your Love" / "Go Your Own Way" Safe
Drew 9 "With or Without You" Safe
Marcus Canty 10 "Piece of My Heart" Safe
Final showdown details[citation needed]
Stacy Francis 1 "Amazing Grace" Eliminated
Astro 2 "Never Can Say Goodbye" Safe
Judges' votes to eliminate[citation needed]
  • Reid: Stacy Francis - backed his own act, Astro
  • Scherzinger: Astro - backed her own act, Stacy Francis
  • Abdul: Stacy Francis - gave no reason
  • Cowell: Stacy Francis - based on who he believed could win the competition.

Week 5 (November 22/23)

  • Theme: Songs by TBA
  • Celebrity performers: Daughtry ("TBA"), and Taio Cruz featuring Flo Rida ("Hangover")
  • Group Performance: TBA

Two acts will be eliminated from the series fifth results show. The three acts with the fewest public votes will be announced as the bottom three and then the act with the fewest votes will be automatically eliminated. The remaining two acts will then perform in the final showdown and face the judges' votes.[28]


U.S. Nielsen ratings

Episode Airdate Rating Share Rating/Share
Auditions 1 September 21 7.2[29] 12 4.4/12 12.49[30] #1 #2
Auditions 2 September 22 7.0[31] 11 4.3/12 12.51[32] #1 #2
Auditions 3 September 28 6.9[33] 11 4.1/11 11.86[34] #1 #2
Auditions 4 September 29 6.9[35] 11 3.9/11 12.17[36] #1 #2
Bootcamp 1 October 5 6.8[37] 11 4.1/11 11.93[38] #1 #2
Bootcamp 2 October 6 7.0[39] 11 4.0/11 11.67[40] #1 #1
Judges' houses 1 October 13[Note 1] 6.4 10 3.7/10 11.24[41] #1 #1
Judges' houses 2 October 16[Note 1] 10 3.4/10 8.84[42] #1 #2
Judges' houses 3 October 18 10 3.9/10 10.39[43] #1 #1
Live show 1 October 25 7.0 12 4.4/12 12.09[44] #1 #1
Live show 2 November 2 6.8 11 4.0/11 11.76[45] #1 #1
Live results 2 November 3 6.4 11 3.7/11 11.64[46] #2 #2
Live show 3 November 9 10 3.8/10 10.25[47] #2 #2
Live results 3 November 10 9 3.3/9 10.13 #2 #2
Live show 4 November 16 10 3.9/10 11.31[48] #1 #1
Live results 4 November 17 10 3.0/10 9.455 #2 #3
Live show 5 November 22
Live results 5 November 23
Live show 6 November 30
Live results 6 December 1
Live show 7 December 7
Live results 7 December 8
Live show 8 December 14
Live results 8 December 15
Live final December 21
Live final results December 22


  1. ^ a b Due to a weather delay of the start of the fourth game of 2011 American League Championship Series on October 12, 2011 (also broadcast on Fox), the judges' houses 1 episode, which was originally scheduled for October 12, was moved back a day to October 13. The judges' houses 2 episode was originally scheduled for October 13 and so was also moved to October 16. The time-delay version shown in the UK was also delayed to avoid the results being shown outside of the U.S. first.


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