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  • American Airlines, IATA airline code
  • Austrian Airlines, the flag carrying airline of Austria
  • Aerolíneas Argentinas, an Argentine airline
  • AirAsia, a Malaysian airline
  • Air America (airline), a CIA front that supplied covert operations during the Vietnam War
  • Adelaide Airport, large Australian airport
  • NZR AA class, a locomotive class operated by the New Zealand Railways Department
  • Ann Arbor Railroad (disambiguation), a railroad connecting Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toledo, Ohio in the United States
  • AA, a former name of the K line, a defunct line on the New York City Subway, that operated between 1985–1988

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  • A∴A∴, (Latin: Argenteum Astrum), a magical order created by Aleister Crowley


  • Å, letter found in several languages including Swedish, Norwegian and Danish, which can be alternatively transcribed as "aa" (not in Swedish).
  • Aa River (disambiguation), the name of several waterways in Europe
  • Aa! Megami-sama or Oh My Goddess!, a popular anime/manga series
  • Aa (Big A Little a), an American noise rock group
  • Aa!, a J-Pop musical group
  • Aa (architect), an architect in ancient Egypt
  • Aa (lava flow), a type of lava (see below)
  • Aa (plant), a genus of orchid
  • Aa, Estonia, a village on northern coast of Estonia
  • AUTOart, a high quality die cast model car manufacturer

People with the surname Aa

People with first initials A. A.



  • abampere, the CGS unit of current
  • attoampere, 10−18 ampere, a unit of electric current




  • Aa., medical abbreviation for arteria, or artery

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