California State Route 33

California State Route 33

State Route 33 marker

State Route 33
Route information
Defined by S&HC § 333
Maintained by Caltrans
Length: 289.699 mi[1] (466.225 km)
This route is broken into pieces, and the length does not reflect the overlaps that would be required to make the route continuous.
Major junctions
South end: SR 1 / US 101 in Ventura
  SR 119 in Taft
SR 269 in Avenal
SR 152 near Los Banos
North end: I-5 near Tracy
Highway system

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State Route 33 (SR 33) is a north–south state highway in the U.S. state of California. SR 33 replaced part of U.S. Route 399 in 1964 during the "great renumbering" of routes. In the unincorporated sections of Kern County it is known as the West Side Highway. In addition, the California Legislature designated the entire Kern County portion as the Petroleum Highway in 2004. The southernmost portion is a freeway known as the Ojai Freeway.


Route description

Several segments of this route are part of the California Freeway and Expressway System;[2] also, several are eligible to be included in the State Scenic Highway System.[3] However, only the portion from 6.4 miles north of the SR 150 junction to the Ventura - Santa Barbara county line is a scenic highway as designated by Caltrans.[4]

Beginning in Ventura as a short freeway (the "Ojai Freeway"), Route 33 continues north as an undivided surface road through Ojai, follows Matilija Canyon past the easternmost extremity of the Santa Ynez Mountains, and passes over the Transverse Ranges at Pine Mountain Summit, coming down into the Cuyama Valley to an eventual junction with SR 166. Route 33 continues with Route 166 for about 20 miles (32 km) to Maricopa where the routes separate. In Maricopa, Route 33 turns northwest, following the western side of the San Joaquin Valley. Between Taft and Avenal it roughly parallels Interstate 5; for the first 15 miles (24 km) of this portion it follows the axis of the Midway-Sunset Oil Field. Northwest of Avenal, it turns due west to enter Coalinga, then turns northeast and soon becomes concurrent with I-5 for 13 miles (21 km). Thereafter, it departs due north near Cantua Creek, turns northwest at Mendota, and meets State Route 152 in Dos Palos, with which it runs concurrently for approximately ten miles. It departs again to the northwest near Los Banos, turns north at Santa Nella (where it has an interchange with I-5), and roughly parallels I-5 and the San Joaquin River until its final terminus at I-5 at Yarmouth.

View northeast from near Pine Mountain Summit on SR 33, the highest elevation on the route; the Lockwood Valley and Mount Pinos are in the distance

When passing through the Avenal/Coalinga area travelers pass near a series of prisons and government facilities. They include: Avenal State Prison, Pleasant Valley State Prison, and the new Coalinga Mental Hospital.

SR 33 heading south through Kern County.

In the portions of the route in Kern and Fresno Counties, SR 33 passes through one of the United States' largest petroleum extraction fields, with hundreds of nodding oil pumps along the highway. Some of the fields visible from the highway include the Midway-Sunset, South and North Belridge, Cymric, McKittrick, Lost Hills, and Coalinga oil fields.

A foggy winter day looking northbound south of Brown Material Road near Blackwells Corner.

Most of SR 33's route is through sparsely populated, relatively desolate portions of the San Joaquin Valley. Travelers along it should use caution, since emergency services are typically dozens of miles away. Carrying extra water and coolant is especially advised, since summertime temperatures in the area routinely surpass 100 °F (37 °C).


Before the US 399 designation was deleted in 1964, SR 33 followed SR 166 east from US 99 at Wheeler Ridge to Maricopa in lieu of the segment from Ventura to Maricopa, and followed the old US highway from Taft to Maricopa. Today, SR 166 remains on the segment between Wheeler Ridge and Maricopa.

Major intersections

Note: Except where prefixed with a letter, postmiles were measured in 1964, based on the alignment as it existed at that time, and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. The numbers reset at county lines; the start and end postmiles in each county are given in the county column.
County Location Postmile
Destinations Notes
VEN 0.00-57.51
Ventura 0.00 US 101 (Ventura Freeway, SR 1) – Los Angeles, San Francisco Southbound exit and northbound entrance
0.17 Main Street – Ventura Southbound exit and northbound entrance
1.57 Stanley Avenue Southbound exit and entrance are on the left
2.65 Shell Road
R4.49 Cañada Larga Road
R5.64 Casitas Vista Road
North end of freeway
Mira Monte 11.21
R14.41[N 1]
SR 150 west (Baldwin Road) – Lake Casitas, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara South end of SR 150 overlap
Ojai 16.58[N 1]
SR 150 east (Ojai Avenue) – Ojai, Santa Paula North end of SR 150 overlap
48.50 I-5 (CA).svg Lockwood Valley Road to I-5 – Lockwood Valley
Santa Barbara
SB 0.00-8.18
No junctions
San Luis Obispo
SLO 0.00-4.95
2.80 SR 166 west – Cuyama, Santa Maria South end of SR 166 overlap
KER 0.00-73.74
Cerro Noroeste Road – Mount Abel Recreation Area
Soda Lake Road – Soda Lake, California Valley Serves Carrizo Plain National Monument
Maricopa R11.56 SR 166 east (Poso Street) to I-5 south – Los Angeles North end of SR 166 overlap
Taft 17.89 SR 119 (Taft Highway) Former US 399 north
23.41 Midway Road – Fellows
McKittrick 33.45 SR 58 west – California Valley, Santa Margarita South end of SR 58 overlap
34.29 SR 58 east to I-5 – Buttonwillow, Bakersfield North end of SR 58 overlap
Lerdo Highway – Shafter
Brown Material Road
Blackwells Corner 60.09 SR 46 – Lost Hills, Wasco, Bakersfield, Paso Robles Former US 466
KIN 0.00-18.99
7.80 SR 41 – Kettleman City, Fresno, Paso Robles
Avenal 17.14 SR 269 (Skyline Boulevard) to I-5 – Huron, Lemoore NAS
FRE 0.00-R83.05
Jayne Avenue – Stratford
Coalinga 15.37 California 198.svg Polk Street to SR 198 west – King City
15.71 SR 198 west (Elm Avenue) / Coalinga Plaza (Fifth Street) – King City South end of SR 198 overlap
24.32 SR 198 east (Dorris Avenue) / Shell Road – Lemoore, Hanford North end of SR 198 overlap
17.96[N 2]
I-5 south (West Side Freeway) / SR 145 north (Fresno-Coalinga Road) – Los Angeles, Kerman Interchange; south end of I-5 overlap
South end of freeway on I-5
North end of freeway on I-5
29.96[N 2]
I-5 north (West Side Freeway) / Derrick Avenue – San Francisco, Sacramento Interchange; north end of I-5 overlap
Manning Avenue – San Joaquin
53.40 Adams Avenue – Tranquillity
59.43 California 180.svg California Avenue, Panoche Road to SR 180 east – Fresno
Mendota 61.45 CR J1 (Belmont Avenue)
62.25 SR 180 east (Oller Street) – Fresno
Firebaugh 13th Street – Madera
70.19 I-5 (CA).svg 12th Street to I-5 north
MER R0.00-30.30
Dos Palos R1.17 Blossom Street – South Dos Palos, Central District
R32.37[N 3]
SR 152 east / Elgin Avenue – Merced Interchange; south end of SR 152 overlap
Los Banos 21.27[N 3] SR 165 (Mercey Springs Road) to I-5 south – Turlock
13.85[N 3] I-5 (West Side Freeway) – San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles Interchange
11.27[N 3]
SR 152 west / San Luis Drive (to Gonzaga Road) – Gilroy Interchange; north end of SR 152 overlap
Santa Nella R16.26 Henry Miller Avenue – Volta
R16.64 I-5 (West Side Freeway) – San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles Interchange
Gustine 26.46
4.35[N 4]
SR 140 west (Sullivan Road) to I-5 South end of SR 140 overlap
6.06[N 4]
SR 140 east / First Avenue – Merced North end of SR 140 overlap
STA 0.00-27.09
Newman 0.68 Merced Street – Livingston
2.06 CR J18 (Stuhr Road) to I-5 – Livingston, Turlock
Crows Landing 6.84 I-5 (CA).svg Crows Landing Road, Fink Road to I-5
Patterson 12.57 CR J17 west (Sperry Avenue) to I-5 South end of CR J17 overlap
13.18 CR J17 east (Las Palmas Avenue) – Turlock North end of CR J17 overlap
Westley 19.55 CR J16 (Grayson Road, Howard Road) to I-5
San Joaquin
SJ 0.00-5.00
Vernalis 0.82 SR 132 / Vernalis Road – Modesto, San Francisco Interchange
4.83 I-5 (West Side Freeway) – Stockton, Sacramento, Los Angeles Interchange
5.00 Ahern Road – Tracy Continuation beyond I-5; former SR 33 north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
     Concurrency terminus     Closed/Former     Incomplete access     Unopened
  1. ^ a b Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 150 rather than SR 33.
  2. ^ a b Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along I-5 rather than SR 33.
  3. ^ a b c d Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 152 rather than SR 33.
  4. ^ a b Indicates that the postmile represents the distance along SR 140 rather than SR 33.


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