Deleted state highways in California

Deleted state highways in California
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Below is a list and summary of some of the deleted state highways (i.e., those with no current routing) as outlined by the legislature in 1964. For a complete list, see list of state highways in California and list of state highways in California (pre-1964).

California 30.svg State Route 30 ran from Interstate 210 in San Dimas to Interstate 10 in Redlands through San Bernardino. It was built to freeway standards between Interstate 215 in San Bernardino and Interstate 10. When the western freeway section, between Interstate 210 and Interstate 215 was completed in 2007, the route was decommissioned and renumbered SR 210. It is expected to be included into the interstate highway system at some later date as an extension to Interstate 210.[1]
California 31.svg State Route 31 ran from State Route 91 near Corona to Interstate 15 in Devore through San Bernardino. The route was deleted in 1974, when it was added to the interstate system. After being signed California 31, It was signed Temporary Interstate 15, and later,, after being moved from Main Street in Corona, Hamner Avenue in Riverside County north of Corona, and Milliken Avenue in San Bernardino County to the Ontario Freeway. became Interstate 15.[1]
California 42.svg State Route 42 ran from State Route 1 west of Inglewood to State Route 91 in Santa Ana Canyon near Norwalk. It was deleted in 1968. The segment east of Interstate 5 (Santa Ana Freeway) was added to State Route 90. The segment west of Interstate 5 was added to the interstate system as Interstate 105. The freeway would not be opened until 1993, which resulted in the original route continuing to be signed as State Route 42.[2] To this day, Route 42 is still sporadically signed in many places.
California 106.svg State Route 106 was originally created in 1964, and ran from State Route 38 in Redlands to State Route 18 in Running Springs. Prior to 1964, the highway was apart of Legislative Route 190, which ran from US 66 to State Route 38. After 1964, the route was split in half. The western portion became State Route 30. The eastern portion was combined with Legislative Route 207, and became State Route 106. A year later, its southern terminus was moved to Interstate 10.[3] In 1972, State Route 106 was decommissioned. The northern portion between State Route 30 and State Route 18 was renumbered to State Route 330. The southern portion was added to State Route 30, extending it to Interstate 10.[1] This also reconnected both halves of the original Legislative Route 190.
California 157.svg State Route 157 ran from State Route 125 near the Sweetwater Reservoir to Interstate 805 near San Diego. The route became a state highway in 1963 and was deleted in 1994.[4]
California 159.svg State Route 159 Between July 1, 1964 and the time it was turned back to local authorities, Route 159 was the segment of Linda Vista Avenue in Pasadena between State Route 134, the Ventura Freeway, and Interstate 210, the Foothill Freeway. Prior to July 1, 1964 it was a segment of California Legislative Route 165 and signed as California Sign Route 11.
California 171.svg State Route 171 ran from I-5 near San Diego to Route 805 via Switzer Canyon. This route was deleted in 1994.[5]
California 176.svg State Route 176 ran from US 101 in Santa Maria to Sisquoc along Stowell Road, Philbric Road, and Foxen Canyon Road. Prior to July 1, 1964 it was an unsigned segment of California Legislative Route 148.
California 196.svg State Route 196 ran from Route 2 to Route 249 south of Palmdale. It was deleted in 1965.[6]
California 206.svg State Route 206 Between July 1, 1964 and the time it was turned back to local authorities, Route 206 ran from Highland Avenue, formerly State Route 30, in San Bernardino along North E Street, Kendall Drive, and Palm Avenue to the Barstow Freeway, Interstate 215, in Verdemont. Prior to July 1, 1964, Route 206 was California Legislative Route 191 and was signed as Business U. S. 66.
California 209.svg State Route 209 connected Point Loma with the interchange of I-5 and I-8 in San Diego. The route began at the Cabrillo National Monument and passed through Fort Rosecrans and the neighborhood of Point Loma via Catalina Boulevard, Canon Street, and Rosecrans Street. This route was deleted in 2003. As signs get replaced on I-5, references to Route 209 are disappearing; however, Route 209 is still well marked on Rosecrans.[7]
California 214.svg State Route 214 Between July 1, 1964 and the time it was turned back to local authorities, Route 214 ran between Lakewood Boulevard, then State Route 19, in Long Beach and the Santa Ana Freeway, Interstate 5, in Anaheim. Route 214 traversed Carson Street in Los Angeles County (between Route 19 and the Los Angeles/Orange County Line). It continued into Orange County on Lincoln Avenue (between the Los Angeles/Orange County Line and Route 5). Prior to July 1, 1964, Route 214 was a segment of California Legislative Route 178. Between 1962 and July 1, 1964 it was signed as US 91. Before 1962, it was signed as both US 91 and State Route 18.
California 228.svg State Route 228, deleted in 1998, was proposed to be a short bypass west of Brawley. The 2-mile (3 km) road would have connected two portions of State Route 86.[8]
California 231.svg State Route 231 was, until 1972, a designation for a state highway connection from State Route 86 to State Route 195 near Mecca.
California 252.svg State Route 252 was to connect Interstate 5 to Interstate 805, and provide almost direct access from Interstate 805 to the northern terminus of State Route 75, at the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge.

The only portion constructed is the eastern terminus (approximately one half mile, including a T interchange at Interstate 805), which was never signed as a State Route. This section is now the "ghost ramps" to and from Interstate 805 at 43rd Street, in southern San Diego. The route would have run parallel to, and approximately halfway between, the current alignment of State Route 94 and State Route 54.

California 256.svg State Route 256 ran from I-80 to State Route 65 north of Roseville. It was deleted in 1994. This was originally signed as part of Route 65. It was originally part of US 99E through Roseville.[9]
California 274.svg State Route 274 ran along Balboa Avenue, entirely within the city of San Diego. The route was deleted from state laws in 2001, though signage remains at present at some locations along the route and on some freeway guide signs, notably at exits from Interstate 805, State Route 163, and Interstate 15 (where it is indicated to travel westbound only, probably indicating the eastern terminus of the former route was at this junction).
California 285.svg State Route 285 was defined in 1970 as Route 70 on West Street in Portola northwesterly to the north city limits, then to Lake Davis via Humbug Canyon, and then easterly to Grizzly Reservoir via the south shore of the lake. This was deleted in 1998. The route was never constructed. According to the Caltrans photolog, the old alignment for Route 285 essentially is exactly the same as existing West Street (in Portola) and Lake Davis Road northeast to Grizzly Road just northeast of the Big Grizzly Creek.[10]



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