The male and female given name Adrian is derived from the Latin "Hadrianus", which is more familiar to English speakers as Hadrian. The name means "from Adria", a port on the Adriatic Sea. Adrian was the name of several early Christian saints and martyrs. The name is connected to the ancient Anglo-Saxon tribes of Great Britain, becoming widely known in England in the twelfth century, when Nicholas Breakspear took it as his regnal name when he became the first and only English pope, Adrian IV.

Male forms

Variations for males include:

*Afrikaans: Ad, Adriaan, Adrianus, Arrie, At, Daan, Jaans
*Albanian: Adrian, Ardian, Ard/Ardi
*Bulgarian :Адриан or Адриян (Adrian or Adrijan)
*Catalan : Adrià
*Croatian: Jadranko
*Dutch: Ad, Adriaan, Adrianus, Arie, Arjan
*English: Adrian
*French: Adrien
*German: Adrian
*Greek: Αδριανός
*Hungarian: Adorján, Adrián
*Italian: Adriano
*Latin: Hadrian, Hadrianus
*Polish: Adrian
*Portuguese: Adriano
*Romanian: Adrian, Adi
*Russian: Адриан
*Spanish: Adrián, Adriano
*Ukrainian: Адріан, Адріян (Adrian, Adrijan, informal - Adriyanko, Adriyanchik)

Female forms

Female forms include:

*Afrikaans: Adri, Adriana, Adrianne
*Albanian: Adriana, Ardiana
*Catalan: Adriana
*Croatian: Jadranka
*Czech: Adriana
*English: Adria, Adriana, Adrianna, Adriena, Adrianne, Adrienne, Adri, Adrian
*French: Adrienne
*Hungarian: Adrienn
*Italian: Adriana
*Polish: Adrianna
*Portuguese: Adriana
*Romanian: Adriana
*Serbian: Adrijana
*Slovak: Adriana
*Slovene: Adrijana
*Spanish: Adriana
*Ukrainian: Адріана, Адріяна (Adriana, Adriyana)


*Adrian I, Pope from 772 to 795
*Adrian II, Pope from 867 to 872
*Adrian III, Pope from 884 to 885
*Adrian IV, Pope from 1154 to 1159
*Adrian V, Pope in 1276
*Adrian VI, Pope from 1522 to 1523

Historical people

*Adrian (Roman governor), first century AD
*Adrian of Batanea, Christian martyr and saint who died in the early 300s
*Adrian of Canterbury, an English saint who died in 710; scholar and abbot of St Augustine's Abbey.
*Adrian of Nicomedia, another early 300s martyr
*Hadrian, Roman emperor

As a surname

*Edgar Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian, b. November 30, 1889 London, England; 1932 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine (shared prize with Sir Charles Scott Sherrington) [ [ Edgar Adrian - Biography ] ]

Recent people

*Gilbert Adrian, known professionally as "Adrian", born "Adrian Adolph Greenberg", American movie costume designer
*Adrian Andermatt, Swiss swimmer
*Adrian Belew, American guitarist and vocalist (and sometimes drummer, pianist and bass player)
*Adrián Beltré, Major League baseball player for the Seattle Mariners
*Adrian Boult, English conductor
*Adrien Brody, movie actor like in The Pianist, The Village, and others.
*Adrian Cadbury, member of the well-known Cadbury family.
*Adrian Casaula, Argentine-American writer and pilot.
*Adrian Boberg, Norwegian-Swedish soccer player and musician.
*Adrian Chiles, English television presenter.
*Adrian Dantley, retired basketball player.
*Adrian Darby, British conservationist and academic.
*Adrian Dunbar, Northern Irish actor best known for his television and theatre work.
*Adrian Edmondson, English actor, comedian, director and writer.
*Adrian Erlandsson, Swedish drummer, formerly of Cradle of Filth.
*Adrian Fisher, English Maze Designer.
*Adrian Gilbert Scott, English architect.
*Adrian Gonzalez, Major League baseball player for the San Diego Padres.
*Adrian Gray, English darts player.
*Adrian Grenier, American actor.
*Adrian Griffin, American professional basketball player with the Chicago Bulls.
*Adrian Lester, English actor.
*Adrian Lamo, former grey hat hacker and journalist.
*Adrian Lyne, English filmmaker and producer.
*Adrian McCoy, Founder and leader of the comedy group DBC Destroyers.
*Adrian McPherson, American football player, quarterback
*Adrian Mole, fictional protagonist in a series of books by Sue Townsend; originally named "Nigel Mole", but changed to avoid confusion with the fictional Nigel Molesworth
*Adrian Moorhouse, Olympic gold medalist, 100m breaststroke.
*Adrian Murrell, former American football player, running back
*Adrian Mutu, Romanian striker and vice captain of the national football team, currently at Fiorentina.
*Adrian Năstase, Prime Minister of Romania, December 2000 - December 2004.
*Adrian Orange, American musician, also known as Thanksgiving.
*Adrian Paul, English actor.
*Adrian Pasdar, American actor and film director.
*Adrian L. Peterson, American football player, running back for the Minnesota Vikings.
*Adrian N. Peterson, American football player, running back for the Chicago Bears.
*Adrian Radley (born 1976), Australian backstroke swimmer
*Adrian Rogers, American pastor, author and a three term president of the Southern Baptist Convention
*Adrian Scott, American screenwriter and film producer.
*Adrian Smith, guitarist in the heavy metal band Iron Maiden.
*Adrian Turika, Romanian born actor, from Chicago, now living in LA
*Adrian Wilson, American football, safety for the Arizona Cardinals
*Adrian Young, drummer in the third wave ska band, No Doubt.
*Adrian Heath, former Stoke City football player, now manager for the ULS-1 team, Austin Aztex.


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*Saint Adrian

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