Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon
Charyn Canyon, way down to Valley of Castles
Valley of Castles Pictures from

Charyn Canyon is an 80 km canyon in Kazakhstan on the Charyn River, 200 km east of Almaty, close to the Chinese border. It is part of the Charyn National Park, which is established 23 February 2004 and located within the territory of the Uyghur and Kegen Districts of the Almaty Province.

It stretches 154 kilometres (96 mi) along the Charyn River in the northern Tien Shan mountain range. In parts, it attains a depth of 150 to 300 metres (490–980 ft).

One part of it is known as Valley of Castles for its unusual rock formations. The width of it ranges from 20 to 80 metres (66–260 ft) and the length is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi).

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Coordinates: 43°21′43″N 79°5′26″E / 43.36194°N 79.09056°E / 43.36194; 79.09056

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