Discovery Kids on NBC

Discovery Kids on NBC
Discovery Kids on NBC
Country United States
Availability National
Launch date September 14, 2002
Dissolved September 2, 2006

Discovery Kids on NBC was a block of Saturday morning children's programming broadcast by NBC from September 14, 2002 to September 2, 2006. The block featured programming from the Discovery Kids cable network, and all of its programming met the FCC's "E/I" requirements.[1] The block was replaced on September 9, 2006 with the Qubo block.



Children's programming has played a part in NBC's programming since its initial roots in television. The block is preceded by TNBC, which was a live-action teen programming block. On January 6, 2002, NBC began a deal with Discovery Communications' Discovery Kids. Several days later, it began to return any kids programming, which was absent entirely from 1993 to 2002.

All programming during the block, as is standard for Saturday morning network programming, was labeled as meeting E/I requirements. Most of the television programming was imported from Discovery Kids. As the block launched on September 14, 2002, it consisted of only live-action series, including a kid-themed version of Trading Spaces and J. D. Roth's Emmy-nominated reality game show Endurace.

In later years, the block was expanded to include some animated series such as Kenny the Shark, Tutenstein, and Time Warp Trio. Meanwhile, in 2004, NBC became a subsidiary of NBC Universal, when its parent company, General Electric, acquired 80% of Vivendi Universal Entertainment from Vivendi.

Transition to Qubo

At the beginning of 2006, NBC began its talk to ION Media Networks, Scholastic Press, Classic Media and Nelvana for planning to launch a new children's block, which is later called Qubo.[2] The deal was started in May 2006. Qubo includes blocks that air on NBC, Telemundo (the Spanish-language network owned by NBC Universal), and ION Media Networks's ION Television, as well as a 24/7 digital broadcast channel, video on demand services and a branded website.

Discovery Kids on NBC block was aired for the final time on September 2, 2006.


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