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Science Channel

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Science Channel is a cable and satellite television network produced by Discovery Communications. Science Channel features science-related television programs covering all aspects of science, e.g. space, technology, prehistory and animals.


2002 to December 2007]

Launched in 1999 and originally named Discovery Science, its name changed to The Science Channel in 2002. A complete "makeover" took place in April 2003, airing newer and more up-to-date television programming.

In December 2007, Science Channel changed its logo to an orange element box similar to those in the Periodic Table and using Sc (scandium). International versions of Science Channel are transmitted in South East Asia, Europe, and Australia as Discovery Science. Science On Demand has a play symbol (right-pointing triangle) in the upper-right corner.

cience Channel HD

Science Channel also has a high definition simulcast, Science Channel HD, that launched September 1, 2007. The HD version of the channel has the letters HD in the upper-right corner.


Science Channel broadcasts a number of science-related television series and films originally produced by or aired on The Discovery Channel, e.g. "Beyond Tomorrow", among some others. There have also been a few television programs produced for The Science Channel, such as "MegaScience" and "What The Ancients Knew". Programs from other Discovery Networks, PBS and the BBC are either regularly or occasionally aired. Television series produced in the 1990's, e.g. Discover Magazine, and Understanding, can be viewed on weekdays.


A selected list of some series aired on Science Channel:
*"Beyond Tomorrow"
*"Building the Ultimate"
*"Discover Magazine (TV series)"
*"How It's Made"
*"How Do They Do It?"
*"Invention Nation"
*"It's All Geek to Me"
*"Junkyard Wars"
*"Patent Bending"
*"Universe" (with John Hurt Narrating)
*"Extreme Engineering"
*"Extreme Machines"
*"Raging Planet"

Films and Miniseries

* "": Returning to the moon, harvesting moon dust for oxygen/water, robotics (Robonaut).
* "Hawking": About the early work of British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.
*"Tank On The Moon": Concentrates on Russian attempts to launch an unmanned rover to the Moon before the successful American Apollo program.
*"Prophets Of Science Fiction": About the greatest sci-fi authors of all times.
*"Science Of Star Wars":Explains that the cutting edge technology of Star Wars might useful and possible to invent in real life.
*"Futurecar": See the latest technology of today that's about to be used to create carsand sometimes funny cars in the future.
*"Perfect Disaster": Predicting violent natural disasters that could happen in the near future.
*"What The Ancients Knew":Truly innovative inventions of the ancient world.

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