Chinese people in Angola

Chinese people in Angola
Chinese people in Angola
Total population
70,000 (government of Angola, 2009) [1]
Regions with significant populations
Related ethnic groups

Overseas Chinese

Chinese people in Angola are a recent group of residents, having arrived in Angola in the past few decades.


Thousands of Chinese construction workers, engineers, planners, and support staff that includes doctors and cooks reside in Angola, making the construction sector a large magnet for Chinese.[2]

Integration and Community

There is widespread resentment in Angola over the use of imported Chinese laborers by Chinese firms.[1] In 2009, the Chinese embassy in Luanda posted a warning on its website claiming a rising rate of violent crime targeting Chinese nationals.[1]

In the restive Cabinda province, rebels fighting the government have launched attacks on Chinese residents, singling them out as proxies of the government.[1]


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