Cerro Toco

Cerro Toco
Cerro Toco Flag of Chile.svg

Cerro Toco lies at the NE end of the Purico complex. Camera location: 22° 55.411'S 7° 50.699'W Heading: 112º Alt.: 4,351 m (14,275 ft)
Elevation 5,604 m (18,386 ft)
Location Chile
Range Andes
Coordinates 22°56.396′S 67°46.816′W / 22.939933°S 67.780267°W / -22.939933; -67.780267Coordinates: 22°56.396′S 67°46.816′W / 22.939933°S 67.780267°W / -22.939933; -67.780267
Type Stratovolcano

Cerro Toco is a stratovolcano located in the eastern part of the Atacama desert in Chile's II Region (Antofagasta), approximately 6 km (4 mi) south of the border between Bolivia and Chile and 12 km (7 mi) SE of the Juriques and Licancabur volcanoes. It conforms the north eastern extreme of the Purico Complex, a pyroclastic shield made up by several stratovolcanoes, lava domes and a maar.

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The Purico complex seen from the NNW. FLTR: Cerro Toco, Cerro Purico, Cerro Negro, (mountain - unknown to me), Cerros de Macón. In the background you can see the Colachi (snow covered), Laguna Verde and Acamarachi strato-volcanoes. Camera location: 22° 55.160'S 68° 6.831'W Heading: 116º Alt.: 2,501 m (8,205 ft)


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